I am a total nutter when it comes to going on holiday, cleaning and washing everything. Started in the dining room this morning and basically every room has been dusted, hoovered and cleaned. Also every item of washing has been done, doesnt help with all the short showers we have had all day, but near enough done. Only the kitchen to clean, which I plan on doing in the morning before leaving. I just like coming home to a clean house, hubbie thinks I am mad, but thats me.

Have had a flip out, couldnt find my phone charger, I use a power mat charger for charging at home and have a charger at work, but couldnt find my spare charger, so had visions of having to drive to work to get my work charger, luckily Stuart found it plugged in behind the sofa, why I have no idea, but its found. Still could not find the Panasonic Charger for my camcorder, just the one I had to buy in Sri Lanka last yr, so dont know where in the house it is, but the Sri Lankian one is working for the time being.

So got my camera, camcorder, laptop, mobile phone and all the necessary chargers and leads.

Passports, money and tickets all checked.

Dogs taken to the kennels, which they just ran in. Honeys diet explained again in detail, they were upset they couldnt give her any tit bits or treats, but she has so many allergies best not to.

Now all I have is the beds and Ironing but to be honest I cant be bothered, so may leave it.

I need a holiday after the day I have had……