So up at 5am getting ready to leave for the airport at 6.30, had a shower, finished packing the last bits and cleaned the kitchen!

So all ready and waiting for the taxi guy.

We then all travel off to the airport, North Terminal, havent been to that one for a number of year, only to find queues to get to drop off, must be a popular day to travel.

We managed to get dropped off, find out check in desk to another queue, not as bad as the economy line mind you.

So get rid of suitcases, all under the 23kg limit, well they are not full, think the heavest was 18kg.

Off through to departures to yet more queues, for bag scanning, have to take my laptop out of the bag seperately to be scanned so get Beth to go through quickly to grab it, as we were still loading the other bags on, I walk through the metal detector, to find for the 1st time in my life I have set it off!! Well the search was very impersonal, and TBH if Beth went through and it went off, they would not touch her, it could scar someone for life!! Lets just say was a little shocked.

So our usual routine is to have breakfast, wander around the shops, then have a sit down, waiting for the gate to open. Well it was 8.30 am by this time, we start to walk upstairs to all the food places and notice the gate for our flight is opened at 9am! OOhhh exciting but loads of time as we dont take off till 10.30.

So off to Garfunkels, which is not cheap but not many places that would do a bacon sandwich for my little madam, who by the way has informed us she has left her devil horns at home, we will see.

So after Breakfast we walk back down to have a wander, duty free 1st, need to get cancer sticks for my nan, if I go home without them she wont be happy and OMG they have gone up since I last bough them, £31.10 for 200 Embassy No1, well its her pressie she rather have cancer sticks than anything else. Stuart picks up some cigar things for one of the men he works with on his shift, as a thankyou. Then onto the Perfum.

I head for the Ghost section, 2 reasons – 1. Its my favourite and 2. you cant buy it in America for some reason. Well they have 2 new varieties out, decisions decisions.  So the varieties I have and like are the Original, Cherish, Sweetheart, Anticipation. There is Deep Night but dont really like that one. The new ones now are Luminous and Capitvating, so I spray one up one arm and the other up the other arm and ask Stuart and Beth what they think, both like the Luminious. Then Stuart shows me a reduced section with a bottle of Cherish in a battered box, dont think and straight into the basket – result.

Beth is starting she want SJP NYC perfume, well its £24, i go and look and none there, I did explain to her that its American and should be able to buy out here.

We go and pay and continue to wander, a few I wants out of madam, but ignored. I check out the prices of the IPOD Touches at HMV to compare with prices here, as thats what she wants for her Birthday.

Its time to think about wandering down to gate 53, they keep making announcements for some reason, obviously queues to get into seating section again and our plane is there being loaded.

Not long and they start boarding, Premium seating 1st rows 1-10 – yeah thats us. Now why do ppl get onto the plane then decide to sort all their stuff out so others cant get past, we are all waiting to get past this family in row 9 (we were row 5) who taking loads off stuff out of bags, normal people would allow others to pass then do it!!

OMG look what i found on my seat, a extremely nice fluffy blanket, rolled up, neck cushion and a frehner up pack, with quite a number of nice goodies inside. Mental Note – blanket and goody pack to be taken at end of flight.

My screen, looking at the films, I am gonna watch Valentines Day, Harry Potter 5, then Harry Potter 6

Now as a traveller, I have to say whenever we can afford to we go premium Economy, this year travelling with Thomson, 1st time. We usually Thomas Cook but they would not allow us to have a 3wk holiday with Premium economy seating. So I was quite anxious to see if they live up to other flights. Welcome drinks, a glass of rose, dry but quite nice, Stuart did not like his so both for me :). We have already decided that Stuart would drive to the house from the airport as its my 1st time driving in America – a completely different post in itself lol. We take off and not long and they are coming around asking if we want another drink, now clock the bailey minis so opt for that with a can of diet coke, Stuart is having a magners, his only drink he will be allowed. The wift of food cooking is filling the cabin, so not long before lunch is dished up. Well lets just say plane food is not the best and we often opt to have the food without the hot, but 3 options and all sound yummy – chicken risotto, muchroom pasta and beef strognaf. Stuart has the chicken, both me and Beth have the pasta. Well its not long before its trying to get Beth to eat, she doesnt like half the stuff on the tray, like a normal awkward teenager, and after 2 rolls, 1 piece of pasta, and a small square of brownie, I give up! It was nice, pasta slightly overcooked but still tasty.

Then we are left alone for a couple of hours after all the dinner stuff is taken away, if you needed drinks you either called for a steward/ess or wandered up to the gallery, which beth did a number of time, she was drinking milk. I am in the middle seat of 3, at one point both Beth and Stuart were asleep, and I was uncomfortable as both using me to prop their pillows up!! Then they start to come down again and well they get woke up ICE CREAM!! HAAGEN DAZS, also you could also have Bailey or Brandy.

They are NOT ALL MINE, but me being the only one with a tray up, i get all the empties.

So a little while later is afternoon tea, sandwich, scone etc . Then only 2hrs left.

It goes quite fast and are you ready, me and Beth at the end of it! Not a pretty site!

I have to say it was a brilliant flight and would recommend Thomson Premium Econony for anyone doing long haul flights.

We sail through Immigration and round to collect the luggage, where I take the opportunity to use the rest rooms, I have a thing about plane toilets, try not to use them unless I really must, and yes I did a 9hr flight without a wee lol. I am just odd and occ about it!

Bags collected, through baggage, where they can ask to check through again, if bringing any food items into the US, we sailed through mmmm I forgot to mention the Galaxy chocolate in the case oopsss.

Now on to collect the car, we ordered and have paid for a Mid Size SUV? They are trying to palm a Kia off onto Stuart and he is having none of it, he is insistant he wanted a RAV4 or Jeep, he like to be slightly higher up when driving as can see everything around also my 1st time driving so wants to give me the best option to drive. They then off a soft top jeep, which I then decline, security issues. The man is not happy and has to call the manager over, we then come to an agreement that if we wait 20 mins we can have a RAV4 which has been returned. Pic later as we needed to drive the hr to the house, sat nav all set up to avoid the toll road as DOH I forgot to grab some coins off my dad,  not a problem, if navigates us to the I4, which those who have been to Orlando should know this road well. We turn off onto Highway 50 which leads down to Winter Garden, it is quite a way down. We stop off at Publix for some quick food supplies, drink and something for breakfast. Then a Subway for  some time and off to home for the next 3  weeks.