In true form I was up at 3am, in my defense did have 7 hrs sleep, lol. So sat until Stuart woke up comping and chatting with my friends.

I cooked breakfast for everyone, may as well use the amenties within the house.

Then we took a trip to Wallmart, well after 1.5 hours we paid for the items and is $226 poorer. We did buy loads of drink, some food and a few other bits, lol.

Went home and Beth went into the pool while I unpacked the shopping, then join her and Stuart and sat outside, in the sun, till a black cloud came over, that was our cue to have lunch. So once lunch was finished, they have both gone to sleep, through the rain and thunder!

Well today I am driving for the 1st time in America, just going down the road to the local shops and restaurants but even so scary stuff. We do have a nice car though

So we went out, oh had a few cans of beer so couldnt drive anyway, the shops were a good variety in the complex ranging from clothes to arts n crafts to DIY and all the restaurants, a nice selection with a Japanese Teppanki as well, my fav.

Well this afternoon, it rain and rained, so was glad it was a lazy day otherwise we would have been wet.

So Dinner went to a restaurant called Longhorns, really nice, Stuart was awkward and ordered 2 starters to have as a main and Beth had one starter as a main, me was normal.

My dinner

Stuart and his starter.

So now at home, thinking about tomorrow we are off to Universal – Islands of Adventure, this is where Harry Potter is 🙂