Well as the title says, we are visiting Universal Islands of Adventure to see Harry Potter. My sister came a few weeks back and said that even though the rides dont start till 9am they let you in early, so 7am we are all up getting ready to go. It is only a 40 minute drive from the house so doesnt take long.

So we get to the entrance and then it all starts happening, special treatment for those that booked with Virgin holidays, theygo off to the right, shorter distance to Harry Potter, the other riff raffoff to the left, longer way round. You can tell thats where everyone is heading as NO ONE is stopping at any other rides.

We get to where it is and hit the queue, 8.15am, not too bad can handle it but then BAD NEWS – THE RIDE IS BROKEN!! Oh no, they are try to persuade you to leave the queue to get into HArry Potter world and go to other rides, we remain put. They then issue cards, they are to be handed in on entry to the Harry Potter, this is to stop queue jumpers, people pushing in. Well 9am comes around and the area opens, everyone is rushing in down to the castle the main attraction, even though the ride is not working. Well we take a chance and join the queue for the ride, this is 9.15 and we wait and we wait then the announcement we all waiting for ITS OPERATIONAL 🙂

We get further along the line and disaster and fear strikes

ITS A ROLLER COASTER. I dont like roller coasters, omg I start getting extremely worried.

So we enter the castle 75 mins later

It is quite amazing, bit from the films scattered around. Then the ride, this has truely confirmed I DONT LIKE ROLLERCOASTERS, you are taken so on your back with legs in air, forward, side to side all with animated around. It was good but not for the faint hearted.

So from there there is another rollercoaster type ride outside but we skip that one and start QUEUEING for Olivanders Wand Makers, now they only take in 30 at a time, and they pick one person to help in the set, you need to be right at the front, in front of the mans desk to be chosen and guess who was chosen today….

My darling daughter, devious little monkey knew exactly where to be… lol She was specially chosen a wand by the man, though did still have to pay for it $30.

Then off to the sweetie shop

by now it is heaving, its midday, we decide to take a few more pics, trundle home and then go off to sea world later. If you pay parking at one with flex tickets, you dont have to pay again.