So after the hectic morning at Harry Potter/Universal, we cam home for lunch and spend time by the pool, i actually nodded off sitting in the chair, lol.

Dinner was just pizza, but the smallest pizza they do is actually equivialant to our large, and it makes you think how easy it is to over eat and how large the US population are. I have notice that there are alot of woman larger than myself.

So the evening we decided to grab the Shamu show at seaworld, we go into the park only to find…

It has a new rollercoaster – Manta. Beth immediately wants to try it, as I DONT DO ROLLERCOASTERS, she runs on with her dad, come off and go on again, brilliant time to go on the rides.

We then go to the stadium where the show is and OMG how full is it, we manage to find half decent seats, or so I think.

But down below people are clambering for seats in the splash zone, WHY?

I personally would not sit in those seats for 3 reasons

1. Allergic to salt water

2. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to wander around wet, I hate it especially with wet knickers

3. The whales do not only swim in the water, they also go to the toilet in it as well!

Yes call me a snob but could never sit in those seats, but suppose it seams fun when the whales do this

Sorry they are not great pics but the people in front of me kept deciding to stand up and down filming and taking pics, hello there are people behind you. I didnt really enjoy the show because of them, so may have to go back!!

Then coming out, my feet already ached from earlier, and they literally made you go around the outside of the park, adding not only miles but time to you exit! I was really glad to get back to the car.

When we eventually got home I did have a glass of my $3 wine, yes it was drinkable and on offer – RESULT.