So today was a 2 part day, shopping then off to Seaworld in the evening.

So we head for Prime Outlets (formally Beltz Mall) at the end of International Drive, a must for anyone. It has a large range of designer and non designer outlets all cheaper prices.

Well it was a hot day, and my daughter could shop for England, and most definately helped the America Economy. Stuart needed new shoes, he lovesa certain Timberland Show, which you cannot get at a decent price in the UK. They didnt do his shade anymore so he opted for a pair of the darker brown, and only one pair? Economising or planning to return again next yr, well they worked out at $49.99 + tax which is roughly with exchange rate £35.50 not bad. So main thing purchased we have a wander, in and out of shops. I needed to get a pressie for a 14 yr old boy but could not and would not pay the prices in Ralph Lauren for a polo, but found one in the end in Tommy Hilfiger, paid around £17, needed to spend the same amount as his brother who I got a Harry Potter wand for at £21. We then trundled into a cooking shop….

WASABI 🙂 They have some raspberry wasabi on display to taste, omg its lovely. In to the basket it goes, no salad dessing but find a wasabi and ginger so have one of them as well. At least I know where to send mum to get my supplies for the future lol.

Anyway was wander in and out of shops, suddenly in GUESS!! Stuart decides he is gonna buy 2 shirts as well, mmm didnt think that was on the list, this is maybe why the one pair of shoes. Beth is buying 2 tshirts for $30 + tax, Grandad and Nanny gave her $50 to spend on things she wanted so not too bad then.

As we are near the end, the CONVERSE Shop, yes Zoe CONVERSE and on the back wall all converses $19.99 + tax, she finally picks out 2 pairs she likes a pink gingham type and a bright yellow type, decisions decisions, what to buy, in the end I do a deal ( her mother was being soft!!) She buys one pair out of the remainder of Grandads money and I will buy the other pair, I must be a right soft touch lol.

So that was mainly our purchases and this is us with ALL the bags

And out of them I got 3 jars of Wasabi dressing and these 🙂

he did do me a deal, it was $14 each, 2 for $20 or the deal cos I couldnt decide 3 for $25 lol.


sorry guys running out of time, got to get the sleepy heads up so will finish later xx