So it was an early one today up and out for about 7.30am, off to Universal Islands of Adventure, to do the rides while everyone runs to Harry Potter.

So 1st up was the Hulk, again I sat in the sun ‘looking pretty’

Then onto another ride I dont do

The Spiderman, now are you sitting down I go on this ride, its not a coaster, but still flings about a bit but I can handle this on.

The main mission today was to do the rides then before we leave the water rides, cos if there is water involved in a ride you will end up wet and usually soaked! I hate spending the day wandering around in wet clothes, especially wet underwear, nothing more uncomfortable. SO knowing there are dry clothes in the car we head for the Jurrasic Water ride,and we see the line for Harry Potter, OMG how long and this is just to get into that part of the park, the wait for the actualy main ride is 2hrs. So if anyone is going to America either this yr and I would say possible next yr, get there for 8am get into that part of the park and head for the castle and get that part over and done with. If you leave it later you are waiting in line in the blistering heat, and there is not always shelter along the queue.

Anyway Jurrasic Water ride, not bad a 20 min wat and not really that wet. So we head for the log flume ride, it has a 75 min wait, so we abandon that and head to the Pop Eye rapid river ride, it says 20 mins, well it was more like 60 mins, they did  not have the fans on inside either, so it was very hot and very boring. We get there and into our ring, off come my Birkenstocks and into the bit in the middle of the boat to keep belongings dry, I persuade beth to take her shoes and socks off as well. You have to buckle up in this ride and they had to stop it cos this couple of older years could not do their lap belts up in the end someone else in the vessel had to do it for them. Then off we go, we hit the first rapid and the people opposite get soaked, and again, I am sitting next to Beth thinking i am not really that wet when disaster strikes we go under a water fall and i get drenched, hair soaked, clothes soaked etc. Well the rest was immaterial now i was wet.

So we get off and start squelching towards the entrance, when Stuart sees a show he want to see and it is starting in 10 mins, so we go watch this BMX/Skateboard thing, def a boys thing, was good but in my current situation didnt really enjoy it.

We head out towards the car, and change, aahhhh much better, nice warm dry clothes. We head towards a shop to get some bits we need and back to the house, to relax for the rest of the afternoon.

That evening we head to the shopping complex just around the corner, to a Japanese Restaurant,  teppanyaki, there is a 30 min wait, so we wait by the time we got served we are starving. It was very good and enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone, as its not spicy and you get entertained by the chef cooking the food in front of you.

So we start eating it is lovely but poor Beth is really tired, so no dessert etc, its home and bed for us all and a glass of cheap drinkable wine for me 🙂