So another day, woke up glorious sunshine (sorry guys), after brekkie, we decided to go to downtown disney or Disney Marketplace as it is called now, we go also via the back entrance from the 535? i think down Buenta Vista Boulevard, through disney storage places etc. not many know this back route but means you dont have to go on the I4 then off with all the crowds.

Disney Marketplace for those that dont know Disney is FREE and has near enough every item that Disney sells in the parks, it actually has the biggest disney shop anywhere with everything in. Also lots of restaurants and Planet Hollywood, Pleasure Island are near by.

All the restaurants are popular so best to book before walking round.

The Lego Store

One of the many entrances to the main store, it literally goes on and on, flowing from one part Homewares to ladies to junior etc, you can spend hours in there and spend a fortune lol .

Wandering around I notice that Beth has had quite a number of items from here from Cinderella castle, to the dress and of course the minnie dress.

Now Beth actually had 2 (when she outgrew on made mum buy another), used to wear them to parties (when she was younger) and even though would never fit in it I have kept one, as its soooo pretty and cute.

Saw this and its reminded me of use MSEs and comping ‘All you need is Faith, trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust’.

So after buying a bit, and finding Stuart who had enough and went outside, we wander round, there is a Bath smelly shop really nice, Ghirardellis ice cream, shakes etc one side and the chocolate shop the other.

HINT – NOW go into the chocolate part even if you are not gonna buy as you get a free sample!

I persuade Beth that we will come back for ice cream once we have finished wandering around. We head in a few stores, I picked up these which I think are fab.

They are reuseable ice cubes in the shape of mickey, and they really work 🙂 A bag was $6.95 + tax which i didnt think was bag, I am gonna back to the Marketplace so if anyone wants any, let me know.

Next one of the biggest things Disney Introduced, Pins, now you can buy almost Pins for anything disney and can trade as well, most staff will have something round their neck with pins on which you can trade, Beth has quite alot and picks out one she wants, plus one for Madison (my niece – hoping she doesnt have it). Beth then wants to buy a Vinylmation Cutesters, they are the new craze 3″ collectables. So she opens the box doesnt like it, so has 3 chances to pick a number and trade, doesnt like any of them so we end up going into all the places to trade, last stop was World of Disney (the big shop we have already been in) and she still doesnt get one she likes, but I sneak round the back and while a boy if having a go clock one I think she may like… We persuade the lady to let her have another go and BINGO she gets one lol. She had one already so here are the pair.

So now its time to head back to

and we all have a well deserved

So head back for a rest and we are going to Universal for 6pm when the parking is only $3 but it decides to pour down with rain, but Stuart makes an executive decision we are off.

Now the park is only open till 9pm so they head for the Rip Ride Rocket? 45 min wait and not one for me lol. B eth was unsure before cos Friday 13th but goes anyway….

Well she gets off with the right hump – her music didnt work 😦 I have no idea something to do with chosing music while being flung around, so we will have to come back to this one another day, we head off to Shrek 4d, hilarious then down to The Mummy only a 10 min wait there, and after last time NO WAY am I doing that one, by the time they get off Stuart is starving and is 8.15 so we head out the Citywalk (the walkway that leads to Universal and Islands of Adventure) where there are loads of restaurants and night time entertainment, we go into an Italian for dinner, Beth has to box up half of her pizza for ‘lunch’ tomorrow lol.

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