Now did that get your attention, today was the day we headed towards the Mall of Millenia. But before that was breakfast. Beth in her usual style got up and cooked macaroni cheese, so was not hungry the dishwasher was dirty so leaving Beth at home we headed out to Mimis Cafe. Now Mum and Dad rav about it, and was out first time so actually looking forward to it. I was already planning to have a light brekkie, toast, but that did not happen.

OMG decisions decisions, there was about 3 items I quite fancied trying – so obviously gonna go back now. I decided on the Crab and Avocado Omlette, I already ordered a coffee so thought that would do me. Well the questions I was asked, what juice (juice juice didnt know it came with juice) muffin or toast, then type of toast and reels off every type of bread known to man, so this light brekkie was no more! I ate my omlette, it came with saute potatoes and bacon, I actually left them (boxed them up to take home for Beth as she loves them). We both left feeling quite stuffed!!

So home we went collected all the bits and off to Orlando, but it seems I am driving!! I dont actually mind it but worried about Stuarts navigational skills. We bought our sat nav with us (we have a Europe and American one, bought so we can use it over in America as well), so programmed the address in and off we went. Forgot to mention we had to pop into Walmart on the way needed a few bits. The directions were not bad until it took us on the toll road, which we try to avoid, and they only had correct change only, luckily it was only 25c so not too bad, off we went, had to take the exit for the I4 and another toll, this time 50c. I4 OMG now those that know orlando the I4 runs from Tampa to Daytona Beach and is like a motorway, which for me was a bit daunting, especially as there was a cop car behind! So off we continue the cop car overtook us, phew – they are really really hot on speeding here at the moment. Stuart navigated me off the road, which the name seems familiar, sure its a road that leads to Windermere, a suberb near Winter Garden where we are staying. Anyway we carry on and the traffic, forgot its Saturday so locals as well as tourists decending on the Mall. Well we turn into the parking lot and I see the Cheesecake Factory, so find a parking spot and we head in…

It is absolutely heaving inside, so we make the decision to come back, off to Bloomingdales, on the way look at these

dont they just look divine 🙂

Anyway Bloomingdales, there is only one reason to visit this store and that is a secret, sorry but dont want to ruin any surprises as I know they read my blog, but just to say I have been there

So we start to wander back to the cheesecake factory – POTTERY BARN, now anyone that knows me I have 2 favourite Shows Sex and the City and FRIENDS and pottery barn was mentioned in one of the episodes of friends so cant resists and pop in, it is full of gorgeous things, could quite easily have purchased a number of items but its getting them home. I was gonna take a pic of an Apothecary Table but Beth was throwing a big strop ove my photo taking, saying I was acting like an embarrasing tourist! Kids, glad we stopped at one, couldnt eat a whole one and yes DOGS are easier and cheaper and dont throw strops!

We carry on walking and funny that Beth now wants to go into Abercrombie & Fitch (thanks Natalie), Stuart is adimant she is not having anything after looking at a $40 t-shirt, but she heads for the jackets, they are $60, we have to get an assistant to get one off the shelf, as I am making her have a medium size, it will last then, but we cant get the zip off, its jammed, the assistant then has to get someone to find another in the colour – puke pink as I call it. So try it on, hopefully it will last a few yrs (yeah right) so while I go off and pay Stuart makes a deal with her over it, which I have been informed she has already broken!

Anyway back to the

I am still full, so we decide to take away, but what to have

The list is endless

I opt for Key Lime, that being one of my fave desserts over here, Stuart is so undecided, he picks the White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, which later he regrets as does not have a original biscuit base, Charis said it was a school boy error lol.

So while he goes to get Beth her Frappuccino from starbucks I sit down with our purchases

So home we go, have a relaxing day then its time for Afternoon tea or shall I call it CHEESECAKE TIME

Stuarts choice


Well it was bloody delicious if i do say myself and will go back this time to sit inside for something to eat 🙂

Spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool till the gardener turned up, so came in for an hr. Dinner was at Maraconi Grill, same as the UK.

My cousin is due to fly out tomorrow, so we will not be alone in the house now, she did ask me if it was ok before she booked it, couldnt really say no cos not my house, but at least her 7yr daughter may keep Beth amused.