Well as some are aware I am having an extension done on the back of my house, with the builder starting while I am away. Not sure whether a good or bad thing but hey ho.

So quickly too a picture of it before he started.

It does not look anything like the front where it is rendered and painted, but have left it long enough. So lets let the builder loose.

So the above photos were emailed over to let us know of the progress.

Oh yes the builder may think we are on holiday but there is not way we are not checking up on him lol. Bless I trust him, he is the son in law of a close family friend, and as he said when quoting for the job he dare not muck up otherwise he will have to deal with his Mother in Law!

But on closer inspection of these photos, panic struck! He has smashed the drains from the bathroom to the main sewer. OMG he is not there a week when we come back so what on earth are we going to do!!

So looks like he is starting with the walls as bricks in the pictures now.

I also have been informed that he is going to make sure we have drainage by the time we get home. Good!

Also the council have approved us changing the window that was originally passed into a french door onto the patio :).

So looks all good, lets hope it goes all smoothly for him, cos he does not want to have to deal we me as well lol,