So today not alot planned, So thought I would share the home and surrounding areas with you. I am in Winter Garden, mainly a residential Suberb of Orlando.

As you can see we are to the west of Orlando and North West from Kissimmee. When travelling into the tourist areas we tend not to use the toll roads or freeways, so go through a place called Windermere, named after our Windermere because it has loads of lakes, and believe me it is very nice, posh and expensive. Alot of the homes are in gated communities, so no rif raf allowed in. But you can see by the size of the homes they are expensive, apparently the council has put a halt on people buying homes to knock them down to build something more grander.

You have to be specially careful in Windermere with your speed, it goes down to 20mph in same places and the only place I know that has 3 roundabouts in it, roundabouts are not common in America, you usually do a U turn.

We stop off at the only row of shop in Windermere and there is a cafe with ICE CREAM – mine is Key Lime 🙂

So after a wander we head back to the house.

The House is at the end of a close surrounding by some vegetation, you dont venture into the woods/green bit unless you are made, firstly cos you dont know what is in there, secondly cos you will get bitten alive by the flies/mossi

As today was 107 degrees at the hottest, this seems the ideal place to be.

So that was mainly my day, I did see a postman the other day, as you may be aware but majority of houses have post boxes on the road side

well the other day I know why, the post van is like our cars with the steering wheel on the right hand side unlike the majority of the American, this is so they can just pull up to the boxes and drop off/pick up the post, none of up and down driveways, now is that inventive or lazy??

So off to Mimis cafe for dinner they do a $12.99 3 course special, omg we ended up boxing most of it and bringing it home, there was loads, and the bread was yummy