Well we went back to Universal today to do the rides we didn’t get done, 1st was Simpsons, told it was a simulator ride but OMG, I really thought I was gonna be sick, had to sit down for a while, to get my stomach out of my mouth, why did I listen to my daughter. What I really would like to know is that she gets real bad travel sickness and can be sick travelling from home to where I work, 30 mins, and really worry when she goes out in the car with other people, in case it happens BUT she can be flung around, upside down etc on rollercoasters, what is that all about? So is it all in her mind? What ever it is never listen to my daughter telling me the ride will be ok! So anyway onwards Men in Black, handle that ok, then to Amnity Island and Jaws, the ride didn’t open till 10am so had to hang around for 15 mins, we then waited for the Terminator show, seen it before but what the hell. The only difference was we were right on the front row and got smoked out a few times.

So after a real tiring morning we went to Hard Rock Cafe, sat at the Bar and had ice cream/desert. Guess what mine was?

Beth didn’t feel well, complaining of a sore throat, it did look red and she said her glands hurt, so on the way home popped into a Pharmacy for advice, and come away with a few things, including Chicken Broth for the ill one.

Well most of the afternoon the pair of them were zzzzz it, left me to comp and weather was not sunny outside, warm but not sunny.

We travelled back to seaworld late afternoon, went round and looked at some animals and caught a couple of shows including the Clive and Seymour Sealion show, still the same but hilarious.

One thing that occurred to me during one of the shows was how patriotic Americans are, love them or loath them, they appreciate the emergency and armed forces, often getting them to stand at the beginning of a show and everyone applauding them, they also get free entry into Anheiser-Busch Parks.

After we went to a Perkins for something to eat and had what I think was one of the best servers this holiday, Bradley his name was and he deserved a good tip. If you don’t realise you have to tip in America for service, many waiters/waitresses don’t have very good pay and rely on tips to make good money, the tips should be between 15-20% of the bill, this does not apply to fast food outlets but when sit down for a meal, room service, taxis, delivery services etc. I have seen people leave restaurants before now with the waitress asking if they didn’t like the service! Something else we have noticed this holiday was the amount of management in restaurants asking if everything is ok, checking the servers? Think the global recession has hit things hard.