Well today we went to Aquatica, Sea Worlds water park, now if you know these parks you need to get there early if you want to claim a sunbed with shade, and even though I am a sun lover it is nice to have some shade.

Sorry no pics, mainly due to a) the camera was in the locker and b) didn’t want to publish photos with other people on it.

Anyway while Stuart and Beth went on the flumes, I either laid on the sun bed or sat on the water’s edge of the wave pool, enjoying the tides, pretending I was on a real beach. Now the last thing I want is to turn my head while sitting down to be confronted by someone in Budgie Smugglers, Speedos. OMG this is a crime to humanity and should be banned in public pools, they are not pretty and only belong in swimming competitons! The same goes for woman who wear the most skimpy bikinis to a water park, I actually made Beth changed hers so no accidents when on a ride, and what happened on the lazy river, a lady had an accident, now who knows what may have happened if she went down a flume with it on! Come on people we all like a tan but sensible swimwear to water parks there are very young children present!

So as it got hotter, reached around 96 degrees today, Beth was complaining she was tired, so made our way home, but back out again at 5pm as meeting friends at City Walk Universal. My friend was holidaying with her family, whom Beth is best friends with her daughter, we had a nice meal at Hard Rock and was threatened that I was not allowed to take any photos of the food for my blog, it was an enjoyable meal and afterwards went into Islands of Adventure, where they went on the Hulk (again) then back to Hogwarts where no queues!! Back on the ride, not for me though, wandered around then home. On the way home was a lot of lightning, it was extremely clammy and humid tonight so probably a storm is on its way.

This was me at the beginning of the evening, got the dress out here, quite like it not sure whether it actually suits me??

I did also try to take pics of the Castle in the dark but not brilliant, Stuart did better, but has a super-duper camera.