Well today was a trip to another water park, a Disney one called Blizzard Beach.

Got there as the park opened just after 9am, this has FREE PARKING, lol if you know alot of the parks they all charge for parking, which I personally think it is a cheek, after all you pay alot to get into these places!

So anyway after alot of dilberation, we decide on a couple of sunbeds, and off the pair went to the flume rides. I sat on the egde of the wave pool, the bottom of the wave pool gives you a numb bum if you sit there too long, but the waves last a long time. Also got to say the sun beds were not the cleanest, I suppose I expected more being disney.

Eventually they came back and Beth had made a friend while going up to the flume, a girl called Rachel from Idiho? It actually turns out Rachel was Candaian lol. So Beth did spend most of the day with her, we just spent our time between the wave pool and Lazy river, which is massive, it goes around the whole of the outside of the park.

Anyway I decided to lay on the sunbed for a while, fell asleep. I woke up all clammy, Stuart put a towel over me! It was only around 96 degrees! So anyway when I woke Beth was just off to the lazy river for one last time with Rachel, so I got up and went to change, then Stuart went to change, so when EVENTUALLY Beth returned we went straight home.

Straight into the pool for Beth and I tried to finish the comps ending 20th, struggled as there was so many. Also heard from the PR company that was dealing with my Legally Blonde win, lady who was ‘dealing with it ‘ has left – surprise surprise, she was extrememly slow and made a mistake over dates, so emailed straight back with dates again, hoping they can change it from the Monday to either a Friday or Saturday which I asked for.

We made plans to go out about 7.30 for dinner but Beth was planning with Megan, my cousins little girl who is 7, so she asked to stay and would we bring her a take out!

So off we went via Target, needed to get some drink and a few bit, disaster no specials on wine! I opted for a 1.5l bottle at 8.99 worked best value. So then over to Mimis, now we walked in and it was full and busy, its Wine Wednesday, all wine half price and before any comments, I was driving home so Diet Coke for me lol.

We chose what we wanted problem, no sirlon for Stuart, they offered him another steak, now some of the steak out here can be chewy, if you get the wrong cut of meat, so after a discussion with the waitress over cuts of meat, etc he opted for the the steak they offered. I was having 4 cheese ravioli and meatballs, yummy. We asked for the check and Beths, she said she will tell them to cook the chicken strips now so fresh, another prob, out of chicken strips, but the head of kitchen came out and said she will quickly make a batch up and cook for us  but will be a little longer. So we had to wait, by the time we go home it was gone 9pm and Beth was starving, what a change lol.

So she tucked into the food, we offered some to Megan and she quite happily sat next to Beth and tucked in. It turns out she is going through a fussy stage and not eating properly so my cousin was amazed when she joined Beth in eating Chicken strips and fries.

Then we were talking about Beth, and out comes the halo, how wonderful she was with Megan, new exactly how to play and deal with smaller children etc etc. MMM I know Beth is well behaved, she wouldnt dare not be, but why can she not be like this with her mother!! She even treats me and Stuart differently in the way she talks, must be because I spend most of my time with her and Dads dont. Stuart says its cos we are so alike in personality and looks we just clash, just wish they didnt grow up so quick and get very opinionated.