So can it be done, all of the 4 main Disney Parks in one day – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Obviously not going on all the rides, just picking out which ones we want to do.  We must be at Magic Kingdom for 7.20pm, meeting cousin and family for dinner at the Diamond Horseshoe and its booked.

So Lets see can it be done?

We head off early to the Animal Kingdom getting there for when it opens at 9am, here it is the Yeti Everest Ride, this was being built when we was last here

So while I wait I can hear the screams from riders, sounds like it was one to miss, when they are back, gone on as single riders. Beth told me it’s like Big Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom, so talk me into going on……

O.M.B.G. I can absolutely confirm it is NOT like thunder mountain, it is bloody worse! I got off feeling really quite ill, and could have quite easily killed a child if I didn’t feel so bad, but I can’t stand around we need to get to Disney Studios. Stuart does get me a bottle of water as we walk back through the park and its a good job I didn’t have anything to eat that morning. Note to self don’t listen to my daughter when it comes to rides, use my own initiative!

Thought i would add in the Tree of life which is the centre of Animal Kingdom.

So Disney Hollywood Studios, used to be MGM Studios, here are only 2 rides, – aerosmith rollercoaster and Tower of Terror.

We rush down to aerosmith, they go on, says 65 min wait, I say I will get fastpasses for Tower while they are on, well the fastpass times is already 3pm no good for us, we will just have to line up for the 60 mins as well.

They were definitely not gone for 60 mins only around 20, they jumped on as single riders, but Stuart does look a bit green, says he doesn’t like that one – lol.

Next Tower of Terror

I can do this one, don’t ask my how but I can manage this one, we head off t join the 60 min wait, and walk all the way up to the building, don’t seem right for 60 mins, anyway inside we literally get near enough in, only 15 min wait, i quite enjoy this one, hae to be careful as bums do leave the seats.

As we start walking towards the exit, it is really hot, we are all feeling very hot and humid, so stop off for an ice cream, Beth has the Mickey Ears chocolate thing, I have a pineapple lolly and Stuart a strawberry one, which they both are nice, on a hot day don’t have the choc ones, they melt too quick and kids get messy choc everywhere!

Anyway whats next – Epcot here we want to go on Soarin and Stuart wants to choose another ride.

So we get to the panel that tells the  waits for rides, Soarin is 85 mins and Test track is 2 hrs, so we join the soarin queue. We are between 2 large parties in front Argentinians and behind Mexicans and they are loud and don’t ever stop., This queue is really slow and boring.

Well 90 mins later we get on luckily row 3, which is not taken up too high, it is quite a relaxing ride, well as we are in the Land we go on the ride, which takes you through Epcot greenhouses, showing what ways they are growing plants.

After that me and Beth go on Spaceship Earth, another relaxing ride, then we go into the Innovations centre, where kids get to do loads of fun stuff and some nice comfy chairs in air conditioning. While Beth is off we chat about whether to drive to Magic Kingdom, get the monorail or even pop home, shower and then go back. Well as the day was really really hot we opt to dash home shower then drive back.

Well that was nice, we get to the Magic Kingdom about 7pm loads of time before the meal is booked.

Think this is described as the Happiest Place on earth – lol.

It seems busy but that is just around the restaurants, to have a sit down meal you need to book either the day before or 1st thing in the morning, they get booked out quick, but you can always go in the hope someone doesn’t turn up, so as we go pass loads of people are hanging around in the hope of getting in.

We get to ours and its an all you can eat, the men are very happy over this one, wonder why? So it is Bread and Salad to start, with Turkey, Beef, Gammon and Stuffing, Mash Potatoes, Macaroni Cheese, Vegetables and Gravy, all very nice with Apple crisp and Ice cream as dessert. As well as endless soft drinks, not bad for $29.99.

So after the meal David, Megan and Beth wanna go on Splash Mountain (Log flume ride) well they seem to be having fun as we see them after the biggest drop throwing water over each other, next Thunder Mountain, myself and Stuart join them for this one, as the wait time is 5 mins they opt to go on again, which I don’t this time, while they are on, its 10 mins till the light parade, now I havent been to Magic kingdom for we think around 10 years, so we find a spot and watch the parade.

We then rush round to Pirates of the Caribbean ride, now I know they did this ride up about 3 yrs ago and wow they have, incorporating some bits from the films, and a few Johnny Depps along the way. As we get out is 10pm so the fireworks start, we decide to start walking to the Ferry (the girls wanted to ride the ferry across to the car parking), while we are waiting for the ferry to dock there are loads of flies, not mosi but annoying, they seem to like the lights. Well is was gone 11pm by the time we get home, girls jump in the pool for half an hr and a well deserved 2 glasses of wine.

Well we done it visited all 4 parks and went on all the rides we wanted, I did actually want to go on Haunted Mansion ride at Magic Kingdom but we ran out of time, that can wait for another year, we still have 7 days of parks left on our tickets and 8 days of water parks, we bought in 2007 non expiry 10 day hopper passes so will last a few trips 🙂 definitely well worth it if you intend to come to florida a few times.