OMG my feet really hurt, I think its a combination between the mammouth hike of the 4 disney parks yesterday and where I burnt my feet on the concrete at the waterpark.

So today I was not going anywhere or doing alot. Stuart when off with Beth to a CVS pharmacy to see a nurse, she had a sore throat that had developed into lumps on her tongue and roof of her mouth, so I sat with my feet up and comped and comped. When they come home she has a fungal infection in her mouth, $100 for just the medicine, which she has to take 4 times a day. So she is feeling a little delicate, and sorry for herself as cant eat certain foods, also cant drink caffine, alcohol, smoke or take drugs, lol as if she did any of that. So no more diet coke at the moment.

Took her around to the local supermarket, I actually drove without Stuart in the car, we went round picked some stuff up that she could eat, she then proceeded to spend alot of time and money in the back to school section, she is not that ill.

So after lunch, didnt really do much, sat outside for a while, comped, watched some tv and enjoyed a glass of wine.

Stuart needed to be up early tomorrow but didnt go bed too early.

Oh I did have some cheesecake today, will post the pic later.