Firstly for all the cheesecake fans the cheesecake from yesterday!

It was only one out of the supermarket, but fancied something sweet the other night.

So today I was up at 5.30am, why to make sure Stuart got up as he was off with David (my cousins husband) on an air boat ride around Lake Apoka, now David is a twitcher but Stuart didn’t know whether he could fish, he decided on not taking his rods but enjoys birds, wildlife and scenery. so they left and I comped like a trojan, off to New Orleans so wanted to get ahead of myself. Louise my cousin got up and we decided to let the girls wake up naturally, I was taking them all to Disney Min Golf. Well Megan woke up about 9.15, but my baby was still asleep, eventually we woke her up 10am. After Beth came round, if you wake her up you can’t talk or expect anything out of her for 10mins, if you do it is at your own risk lol! they wanted to go into the pool, so we made an executive decision we would wait for the men folk to return then all head out together to mini golf.

So they came back and straight into the shower, smelly boys indeed! Lunch then it was trying to work out what to do, Louise and David never had Teppanyaki, so after working out how long we would be at the golf, we made reservations for dinner for 5pm.

So we all bundled into the car and off we go, Disney has 2 mini golf – Fantasia and Winter Summerland, we opted for Fantasia and not bad for $12 each, well laugh it was hilarious, I would totally recommend it, the more the merrier.

I wont bore you all with all the holes, by the end the girls went ahead and think they were not counting properly, Beth won with 44 and the par was 53! mmmm

So off to the Japanese, sorry Charis yes another one, and delicious it was 🙂

While we were in the restaurant the heavens opened and it was pouring with rain and lightning, on the way home we think something had been struck by lightning as police had blocked a road off on the estate and there were emergency vehicles down there. So wine in hand I comped my heart out to try to get ahead. Road trip tomorrow to New Orleans via Micanopy.

So no daily blogs will catch up on Thursday.