Well today we are off on our road trip, on the way to New Orleans we are stopping off to Micanopy. Why Micanopy, well Stuarts mum and dad made alot of friends there, one is Frank who owns a lodging so an ideal place to stop off on the way. Will discuss more later.

But to start the day is breakfast, well we go to Mimis cafe, 2 reasons, one cos we have $5 off the bill and Val will be working. Val is a waitress that my mum and dad have made friends with, they say we have to meet her, well she has been on holiday but sources tell us she will def be working . So brekkie was gorgeous and Val was really nice.

Anyway off we go, there are 2 ways to go the fast motorway route I75 or the slower more interesting route, highway 27. We take the more interesting route going as we have loads of time to get there, it takes about 2.5 hrs. The Radio is a pain, as soon as we find a station, we move out the area and lose it, we manage to find something that we can listen to (I mean its not country or a god channel!). Beth doesnt find our soft rock channel good enough, so on goes her mp3 which mean we listen to her wailing, lol.

We go through alot of communities, and as it is Sunday, we notice just how full the church car parks are, it seems that Americans are very religious, unlike us I think, there are alot of people in these churches, I suppose that in these times, they can always rely on the church for shelter, comfort and friendship. Also some towns seem alot more rougher/run down than others, noticing a few Gun shops, now in Florida you can own a gun, does that make us feel safer or more at risk. There is a heavy presence of security checks within the tourist parks, bag checks, but how secure are we, I have never felt at risk, you know when you are in the wrong area, if you are lock your doors and head out of there.

For some reason there is a convoy of Corvettes, different colours.

There are also alot of interesting signs and buildings.

Anyway we came off for a stop at the Florida Citrus Centre, this place is full of loads of goodies from Salt Water Taffy to Aligators!

Now these aligator heads are real, who on earth would buy these?

So we know when we are getting close to Micanopy when we see these signs, they are not as rude as they used to be, but made me chuckle about ladies and Couples welcome, lol. Beth asked what Cafe Risque was Stuart said Hooters, of which I replied with naked boobies!

We are finally here

Now Micanopy is a small sleepy town but has a claim to fame, Doc Hollywood was filmed here, and the people here are very southern in their ways and talking. Now this house is a classic.

Its all pink and blue, wonder what it is like in the inside? Well we find Frank and we are staying in the master suite in his lodgings. Frank rebuilt the house and does stain glass, so the windows are amazing.

So we decide to visit Ginny, she used to work for Frank in his shop underneath his lodging, he sells the stain glass and lots of other bits and bobs. Anyway Ginny lives within walking distance of the shop but as everyone goes around town in their golf carts Frank lets us use one. They are nifty little things.

So Ginnys house, well OMG what a dust trap, she likes doilies, ornaments and well this house is just full of it, from floor to ceiling. I actually asked her if she minded if I took pics and posted them on my blog and she was quite honoured that I would do it, but I wanted you all to see just how some people are so extreme, but then I suppose there are those like that in the UK.

All I could think looking around this house was what a dust trap! She also has alittle Maltese dog called Sassy, well this dog is so spoilt and cute, she is adoreable, no wonder Beth wants one, she even has a bag which she goes in when out shopping.

Even Ginny golf cart and rav4 have been customised.

Right back out an Franks daughter has come over with her 2 kids, Ty and Mia. Beth gets on well with them and even though Ty is older than her she towers above him, he cant believe how tall she is. Mel cooks dinner at Franks as she has cats at her house and Stuart is allergic to them big time, so it is mexican and key lime pie for dessert. After a chat we head off to bed as an early start tomorrow towards New Orleans.