Well after all our adventures we had a day at the house, while sitting and comping there was an enormous bird that landed on the fence, apparently its Egret?? I am non the wiser but took a pic!

One thing I noticed was the level on the pool, they must have had some rain while we were away as it’s not usually this high

its only gonna take someone jumping in the pool and water will be everywhere

So anyway we decided to go down to the old part of Winter Garden, very nice and traditional.

Do you all remember I wanted to send mum flowers on mother day, used a florist in winter garden, that was down here as well. Beth wasnt happy, she wants a Maltese dog after seeing sassy in Micanopy, but we already have 2 and can’t afford another, so sulk big time, mind you think she cheered up a bit after going into a scrapbooking shop and spending more money. The lady did workshops each saturday, she was full this wk but have taken details in case we come back.

As it was Stuarts birthday on the 25th we got a cake, and when my cousin came back from coco beach we celebrated with

VERY YUMMY and fattening!