Well today look a hot one, so went to Typhoon Lagoon, the other Disney water park.

Now there is a big ship marooned and I am sure that every hr, a noise sounded and water came gushing out, well there was nothing this time, is it broken or my memory playing tricks on me. Stuart spoke to someone and they said it depends on the day, obviously too costly to run hourly every day now.

So anyway the guys went off on the slides and I went to sit on the floor of the wave pool, mmmm seemed a good idea but forgot how viscous the wave pool in typhoon was, it sent me hurtling backwards and I couldn’t stand up properly when the tidal wave was set off. Did seem a bit worrying, especially when I kept seeing kids coming out in tears and a few with grazes on their bodies. It’s not usually like Disney to have something that can cause injuries, wondering if people are actually complaining.

Anyway one things here which is not at Blizzard Beach is swimming with sharks, snorkelling which is free or scuba diving ( their version of it) which is only $20, beth of course tries both.

So once they have finished, its 3.30, we are off to the Olive Garden tonight with cousin and clang so head home. The Olive Garden would not let us book as it’s a friday, so  we go up there at 7 ish to get in the queue. We get there about 7.15 to be told there is a 40 mins wait due to a computer problem, we go and wait in the bar, but after a while go back and check and next to be seated after the party of 8. Well after an hr Stuart goes looking for the manager as he is not happy with the waiting, the manager is a very young in experience guy who does not come into the lobby, but stays back taking phone orders. Apparently the computer problem still hasn’t been resolved and because we were in the bar, had been miss out when they explained, well this was supposed to be Stuarts bday dinner and he is not happy, 90 mins later we get seated and our poor waiter doesn’t really know what to say, he brings up the salad and bread, the kids are starving, while we decide what to eat. Now the Olive Garden is really nice Italian, and not cheap hence as a bday treat. To cut a long story short, we didn’t have to pay, the manager realised he made a mistake, and for good will waived out bill. Result as between 6 of us would have easily been $120, Stuart does still give our waiter Ryan a $20 tip cos he was so good once we got seated.