Well it comes to us all, the day when the holiday is nearly over. Its Saturday and we fly home tomorrow but there is one mammoth task that has to be done, and that is to pack everything in the suitcases.

My cousin was off to Epcot with her family and asked whether Beth wanted to come along with them, they were not going till late morning but staying for the fireworks so would be home late, now do I let her go and have a day of peace or have her stay at home and help ( not that I think she would be a lot of help) – she went.

The plan was to pack and possible have a dinner out, well started packing, OMG my daughter has bought a lot of stuff, it didn’t really take long, but while I was packing Stuart headed out to Ace Hardware, wanted to pick a few bits up, he also came home with a Pizza (we were due a free one from Pizza Hut cos gave us thin instead of deep pan). Well while he was out I comped as well as packed. After lunch he decided that her would go to one of my mum and dads friends and fish on the lake they back onto, well while he was gone, I sat in the sun with my trusted laptop and comped, month end coming up and there is a lot of comps, 31st August was approximately 68 pages. I have tried to keep up but think this may be one if those months when I cannot complete it.

Well Stuart came home, but while her was out there was some great films on – Ghost, which I watched intermittently, then a film called phenomenon starring John  Travolta, well Stuart came home during this film and I made the executive decision we wouldn’t waste our money going out, when there was loads of food we could have at home, so heated up the left up pizza, made a salad and sat down to one of my fav films – Forest Gump. It was really strange as we was only talking about it driving through Alabama. Well they all came home quite late, seemed to have enjoyed the day but there still seemed to be a lot of stuff left in Beth bedroom which I could not pack, wasnt sure whether hers or Madisons, so gonna have to leave for tomorrow.

Beth had the camera today but couldnt work out why she took a photo of her feet?