Well this is it, the end of our 3 weeks holiday. Apart from packing the remainder of Beths stuff I needed to clean and tidy my mum and dads house. They were getting a cleaner in, when they come back out to America, but needed to clean it and wash the sheets and towels. So I set off on the task, we were leaving at 1pm as takes around an hr to get to Sanford Airport.

Whilst cleaning I was still packing, looked in Beth wardrobe to find clothes that she should not be leaving, dresses she bought out, hadn’t worn, but there was no way I was leaving them, only give her an excuse to want more dresses later on in the year! I realised there was going to be a slight problem, the suitcases were getting heavy. My mum had some scales but only weighed in pounds not kilos, so had to keep weighing, and converting the weight – too heavy, so unpacking was needed. I have the facility that I could leave items with the strict instructions for parents to bring home when they come back over. I decided to leave Stuarts fishing stuff (not the rods as unsure the size of parents suitcase), but still quite heavy, so I take out a pair of sketchers and decide to leave in America for another time, my feet have stopped growing so will never out grow them! Made Beth borrow a rucksack of Madisons, so she could take more hand luggage, she originally had a small size rucksack, so put an additional pair of her shoes in there. With a lot of juggling we have done it.

Stuart was getting annoyed with me as I was trying to clean and said going over the top! But eventually it was time to get into the car and head towards the airport. Well traffic was not too bad, and finding the car rental return not a problem. So suitcases in tow head towards the main airport terminal.

One thing we did pay for on this holiday was premium Economy seating on the plan, a benefit is when checking in not in the main queue, so we check in to find we are on row 1, even better no one in front, so no seat being reclined during the flight. Go through airport security, over here you must have your shoes scanned as well,which they stopped over the UK. The departure lounge was relatively quiet, they have wi-fi but not free, what a bummer I could have tried to put a dent in the 31st August competitions, so instead sit with my DS! It’s not long before we get to board the plane – slight issue we are together but have an aisle between us, Stuart sit originally by himself but it’s not long before I get him to change places with Beth, couple of reasons, he is sitting next to a little girl which is not really ideal and Beth is beginning to drive me round the bend, she will probably enjoy playing the girl.

Stuart makes himself comfy in the window seat and goes to sleep, me not much luck, for some reason can’t get comfy, beth also is not really sleeping! I watched a couple of films Sex and the City 2 and cemetary Junction, then try to shut my eyes, got work Tuesday so need some sleep!

View from plane !