Coming home from a holiday is never fun, but I was beginning to wonder if what Kim had mentioned was true, there was some parcels for me that were able to fit through my letter box?
I know there is 2 parcels and a special at the sorting office as already been told via Facebook, and yes the suspense is killing me.

So I must have caught some sleep on the plane as was awoken by the smell of the breakfast being made in the galley, which means one thing we are nearly home. I stay with my eyes shut and decline breakfast, the smell alone was off-putting. I notice Beth is awake, typical – she will go home and sleep which means she will be up at silly o’clock at night, Stuart is still asleep, unusual as he never sleeps on the plane. I am feeling weary but am determined to stay up as work tomorrow.

To cut a long story short, get through the airport, customs, get taxi home and OMG loads of post.

So this is what was able to come through the door.

A Letter with 2 1st class rail tickets, to be used by 31st October 2010.

Step up 3-d goodies from a twitter comp run by compingqueen

Starcraft goodies, that I won on twitter thanks to munchkim

Cleaning goodies thanks to a test from Kim

The remainder must be MSE wins but too tired to search, will look later

I do give up on the 31st August competitions, decided to start afresh on the 1st, 14 pages.As usual I was twittering while comping and won 2 bits on twitter today – way to go, something from  H&M and AtriaBooks, I am being abit secretive cos Beth and Stuart were reading my blog while away, so if gonna use them as pressies wont mention too much – lol. Well I managed it and stay awake till 7pm. Havent unpacked cases, Stuart is off tomorrow, well on nights so don’t need to be in work till 11pm so he said he will do it with Beth. One thing was I got my dogs back, the kennels love them as they are well-behaved and so cute, they have definitely missed me and I have missed them.