Well today was back to work, bit anxious as havent been around for over 3 weeks and havent seen my boss for over 4 weeks. Will I be able to see my desk? Hope there is not loads of queries! Well it was not too bad.

So while at work, well suppose to be work, didn’t really do a lot, felt really tired, spent a lot of the day on twitter awaiting for the H&M link. I won yesterday, more by fluke really, I just copied and paste Judith’s tweet, Well its brilliant as can use it for Beth’s birthday, but apparently you can enter again but I wont be as happy with the win, but several friends didn’t win, so as soon as the link came up text them all, checked Ali was on-line. Hope some of them win.

Well while I was at work Stuart and Beth emptied the suitcases and put the stuff away. Most of the items except the dress I was wearing on the last day is clean, advantage of having a washing machine while on holiday. So I have come home and there is still loads of stuff in the lounge, I package up the pressies I bought a few people but hasn’t really put a dent in the stuff ( I actually spent 20 mins looking for last yrs diary as had an important address in Chester in it). Oh well I will have to have another go tomorrow, I just hate looking at the crap. Stuart still has loads of paperwork to sort out so making him have a go at that tonight, to clear it all up.

Stuart did manage to go to the sorting office today to collect my parcels that were down there.

Now I don’t usually enter things like this so think it is a runner-up prize.

This was a twitter win

had the WEM while away its a Butterfly jewellery set from Debenhams – looks like a pressie for someone 🙂

No winning emails but won something with Official 17 on twitter.

I have won bits and bobs during August but nothing too big, so will work out total on Thursday when I have some time. I usually expect September to be a poor month as well but as I was able to comp while on holiday so I am being hopeful.