So its September today, start of a new month, I have received a letter about my mobile phone. I am on a contract and has been 18 months since renewing my contract and Carphone Warehouse has written to me to remind me I can get a new phone in a few days, but what to get. I have a Samsung Tocco at the moment, quite happy with, I really dont know what to get, I do think an Iphone is out of the price range even though Beth has asked at T-Mobile and they said I could, at a premium. So apart from the Iphone what is a good phone at the moment? Please advise me, so I can go look at them, don’t just want to be swayed by the shop.

I am also a bzz member and when they have a campaign get sent a sample to try and smaller sample to share with friends. So please dont forget to subscribe to my blog to see when I offer these samples, will do a draw sometime in the next few weeks.

One thing that I am worried about is my weight, 6 years ago I did weight watchers and lost over 50lb, but it has gradually crept back on with one thing and another. But I am determined to lose it again, but without actually attending any meetings. So I will be commenting about how much I have lost. I have made a mental note of what I weighed when I came back from holiday and will let you all know how I am getting on, my failings, my thoughts. Also I am hoping my friend will start walking with me in the evenings, not every evening but at least one a week, we can start slowly. Anyway lost 4lb since my return. 🙂

What a day at work, I have internet access and trying to help some friends to win H&M giftcards. I won on Monday, by fluke really but needed to keep an eye on twitter for the 10 minute warning to text the ladies and to enter a couple in the draw, they typically leave it till quite late in the day, oh well at least I got the wages done. I did work like a trojan once the draw had taken place, but it is the big competition at the moment. I got one of the lads to go round the post office to send some of the presents I bought in America to my friends, so hopefully they will drop through the doors tomorrow. Anyway back to work, they were all under the opinion I was gonna work another day this week, I work Mon – Wed and Monday was bank holiday, somehow they thought as I have been away for over 3 wks I would work another day, pmsl what planet are they on, why?? I have enough things I want to do at home. I did tell my MD today 2 things, why was he wasting money on new logos, letterheads etc and no I was not working another day. I suppose working for him for 16 years and know everything inside out makes me quite blunt at times with him, lol.

Well today we have had to hand over £6000 to our builder today, it was quite shaky but I am going to make sure I get every penny worth of that.  Yes I am a bossy cow, Stuart always said he could never work for me cos he would have to kill me, as I am so particular, maybe that’s why the men at work don’t like coming into my office, they are all scared of me, lol.

Now Beth has gone around a friends for a sleep over, and taken my camera – shock horror, I have had to find another to use to take photos of the goodies that came today, well actually 2 of the items have been stored by my builder in his garage, and as I have only just received them class them as September wins. On a good note as well today, the pr company have finally sorted out the Legally Blonde Tickets and Hotel for Friday Sept 24th, so that will help to boost Sept total as well.

A twitter win thanks to the lovely Kim x

This has come from America????

A team goody bag, had the wem while away on holiday 🙂

Tonight my competition finishes at 8pm I wonder who will win??