So its Thursday and no work today – yeah, desperately need it as not sleeping well at night. I should be doing a few things around the house, but to be honest really can’t be bothered. I spend the day mostly covering twitter watching for the H&M tweet. I have won a gift card, not denying that,I am not greedy, happy with the one, but trying to win one for my friends, there are about 7 of us twinners that havent won yet. Well I have totally lost my temper over this bloody thing, people are entering more than once, cos they can?, and winning, that’s not very fair on the ones that havent one. I have sent a dm to H&M telling them my complaint etc, and started a right discussion on twitter, I was very glad to see loads of people actually agreed with me! Obviously my being open and vocal about this did bring out the DMs from people basically telling me to ‘shut up’ they are not breaking rules, it’s not greedy, stop moaning about it, etc . This had to be done by dm? I am only being honest and expressing MY OPINION which just so happens to be the opinions of about another dozen people. I was glad that Natalie managed to win one, with my 10 min warning text, but still have to try to win Charis and Mel one. So tomorrow gonna try super-duper hard (praying that Mel may have won one today).

Right rant over, builder cam back today has finished most of the blockwork, will start on the patio foundations tomorrow as now need the carpenter. Apparently I need to go into the loft to sort it out, move boxes around and chuck stuff. Erm oh dear there are still boxes up there from when we moved in 7 years ago! Its gonna be dusty and oh moaning about the amount of stuff we have up there, I do believe I have every outfit for beth up to the age of 3 up there, along with our Videos and my books (which until the extension is built) don’t have room for down here. So may be a tad stressful between me and Stuart.

So we are now in September so trying to work out my winnings for August, and on first glance there is a lot of twitter wins, not surprising as I spent MOST of my time on there lol. So a summary of the wins are : –

Dorset Cereals, Sure deodorant, nail varnish, Carphone warehouse goody bag, cookbook, butterfly jewellery, sunglasses, the protectors dvd, maisy book, Justin Bieber book, our kind of traits book, train tickets, Starcraft game and goodies.

Went to see my friend and family this evening while Beth was at athletics training, havent seen them since end of July, for some reason missed her.  I have been good with my diet today but realised that I did feel a bit peckish later in the evening, but so far not snacked. Went up by a lb today.
Absolutely no post today, well nothing nice but a courier did deliver this, another twitter win 🙂

A large cup cake tin, as if Beth needs any more excuse to make cakes!

So as you all know I love sharing things, and while on holiday I found Salt Water Taffy, now I wonder if anyone knows what they are? I heard about them on Sex and the City episode 69 in which the girls go to Atlanta City. I have 4 flavours Key Lime, Banana Creme Pie, Lemon Meringue and chocolate flavour. So in order to get a sample of these (1 of each flavour, that way i can have a few winners) I want to know 2 things  
1. What you think Salt Water Taffy is – no cheating please, just your impression

2. As I heard of them in Sex and the City I want to know your favour episode, character, item of clothing etc

This is open to my friends on twitter and those who subscribe to my blog, UK entries only. This closes on Saturday 4th September (my wedding anniversary) at 8pm. There will be 10 winners in total.

I look forward to your entries, please comment below.