Well today I found out that I actually did manage to win Mel a H&M giftcard, and our lovely Diva got one this morning. Phew so between my texts and entries have managed to help 3 friends win, I just feel so guilty I failed with the other 2.

So what did my day have in store for me, well as Stuart was zzzzz it in bed, and I was fed up with the complaints there was no food in the house (yeah right) we went to Asda, we being myself and Beth – big mistake! OMG £144.00 shopping bill, I suppose I am to be blamed for some as bought loads of veg as doing ww at the moment, but what the heck! But something did take my eye and shocked me, before I went off to America they used to do 3 bottles of wine for £10, well the world has gone mad, it’s now 3 for £12. Good job I am cutting back, now dont all faint at once lol.My fridge nice and full

Well my mobile phone contract is up for renewal, I am with T-Mobile on Flex 25, this gives me calls and texts up to the value of £75 per month, I do pay for internet access which is unlimited for £5 per month, don’t use it that much but sometimes I can tweet if I am bored somewhere. Anyway I have had this phone number for about 14/15 years and made the call, they gave me 2 options 18 month contract or a 24 month contract, with obviously different values, but what phone. The guy at carphone warehouse I rang was amazed how much money T-Mobile had offered me to renew, and after a discussion he said I could get the Samsung Galaxy S with the 24 month option, so looked it up, seems to have great reviews, very much like the Iphone, quite like the wi-fi option as well. So I need to go and look at it tomorrow to see whether I actually like it.

Tonight we started chatting about wax tartlets, candles etc and it prompted me to ask for the link, thought I would treat my self to some, then it occurred to me I would set a tartlet going, so went to my candle drawer, oooops somehow I don’t think I need to order for a while, its a tad full.

I lost the 1lb I gained so up to date its 4lb (since Monday). Going to Argos tomorrow to get me a popcorn maker, it helps fill me up along with the ton of veg I am eating. Dont forget to nosy on into yesterdays post, and enter my fun give away, ends tomorrow.