Well today I have been married for 17 years to a lovely man called Stuart, we have our ups and downs, mainly ups in the recent years, he has always stood by me and what ever I want to do in life, even though at times don’t always think its right. So our darling daughter made us a cake to celebrate.

After a shopping run to Costco, popped to Argos to buy my popcorn maker, then onto car phone warehouse. Well went in looked at the Samsung Galaxy S, talked to the assistant, Yeap I will have one, with the shop assistant shooting my excitement down, out of stock! Bums, was really looking forward to taking it home, anyway had to order it and be delivered either Tuesday or Wednesday. The girl in the shop was amazed that T-Mobile was offering me that much for a 2 yr contact, I must be a good customer. When she rang T-Mobile to sort the paperwork, they started discussing my contract with them, mmmm they want me to take a better contract! Well NO, yes I was surprised, they are offering me 300 mins, 300 texts and web for £20, currently I am spending £26 on £75 worth of texts and calls with web. So wonder what I am using on average month, they were quick to answer 150-200 mins and max 200 texts. They 2 assistants exchange a glance at each other, when she put the phone down, I ask what the problem was? It seems that her sister wanted the same phone and was offered the same package but for £40 per month, OMG what have I done to deserve this rate, was not gonna argue, but result 🙂

So today we were going out to the Orsett Show with friends, Orsett Show is a farmers show with animals, horses and lots of stalls. I don’t ever remember going but mum said they took me when I was a baby, that’s why I can never remember going. I was amazed, it was really good and interesting, going through the stalls, and the amount of free prize draws there was to enter (soon had my buddies entering) and the freebies, we came away with lots of bits and bobs.

Look at the size of these – lol

We all came home to my house, where I cooked dinner and we celebrated our anniversary, with bubbly (thanks Vik) and then more alcohol, we played Cludeo and some card games. A good day in all.