Well today myself and Vikki leave the PTA officially, it’s quite sad really after working together for about 5 yrs, and funny. When I 1st joined we didn’t really get on, not argued but just worked together, but over the years became very close, we worked well together, up to now, we spend days together and are talking about going on holiday together. The pta has been a big part of our lives but both realised that our friendship would not survive the stress that we both were feeling. So we are gonna start walking the streets together, to keep fit. We said goodbye to the head, but I still will be going in, other duties still within the school.

I have sat today, not really with it, couldn’t comp, my program crashed so i lost a days work, but i couldnt stop playing with my phone. Now this will make you laugh, Beth set it up but forget to tell me how to answer it. Stuart rang me and I didn’t have a clue, ended up in denying the call. Rang him back and was told to read the bloody manual and he would ring me back in 5, well I now can answer the phone, lol.

Just a little parcel today – a twitter win