It’s here 🙂

I have had right fun and games, my last phone just connected it to the pc and tfr music over to it, this one not so easy and needed to download something as hated the ring tones it came with, I decided on Plan B – She Said but may go back to a Duran Duran one, lol must be showing my age!

Beth defiantly enjoyed playing with it, she set up Facebook but not twitter, took me ages to find a twitter app. Dont do Facebook a lot at the moment, fed up of little comments aimed at me by some people, I should really delete them as friends, but like to keep an eye on them, after tomorrow night I will have to make a decision.

Not really interesting post except for

But I did have a WEM 🙂

‘Thanks for entering the David Beckham Academy competition. I am pleased to tell you that out of thousands and thousands of entries, you have won a signed photograph of David Beckham and a free David Beckham Academy book’

so will look forward to it, I wonder if September will be a bad month, I tend to work out winnings and do thanks when I actually receive the prizes. I did make a decision about the 2 1st class train tickets, things are a bit hectic here, building work, Beth starting her activities, birthdays etc. They had to be used by 31st October so have given them to a friend that didn’t win on H&M.

Spoke a lot about weight watchers today, someone needed advice about doing it at home etc, I am proud to announce after a week I have lost 6lb, lets hope it will continue.

Then at 9pm Beth tells me her laptop is not connecting to the internet, talk about timing, I had to spend over an hr trying to sort it out, eventually found a restore point that it actually worked, talk about a mess, the screen is covered with something, full of sims games and the bloody msn opens every time turned on, so then spent a while trying to stop that. Think I may need to go through it with her and tidy it up, works ok but the fan was whirling a lot.