Well its my friday! LOL

Got up at some stupid time, couldn’t sleep, annoyed cos put some weight on, did have an eating session last night cos felt low. So that’s it kick me up the bum and got to watch now what I eat. Must make some popcorn so at least if I am gonna pig out its low-fat!

Bosses were out all morning so drifted into my comping world managed to get the comps finished for 9th as well as a few others, still trying the catch up game, kept getting distracted by my new toy, couldn’t believe it when I took a picture and posted it on twitter. Zoe does it all the time, now I know how lol.

Forgot all my stuff to post so will have to do that tomorrow, but something I have noticed that a lot of my comping friends are losing their mojos, seems the wins are drying up a bit, probably the aftermath of a quite August, lets hope things pick up for all of us, otherwise think a few may give up. NO WINS TODAY!

Wishing a friend all my love and thinking of her, has a few problems at the moment.

It seems that I am not the only one that loves my new mobile phone, if it goes missing I know who to frisk 1stmy phone needed charging but that didn’t stop Beth playing with it.

Felt cold tonight so put the heating on for a bit, Lucy has found a great spot, next to my sofa and near the radiatorand on a cushion or 2 lol.