When I got up this was on the stall I put my laptop on, think is was a hint about looking for a bathroom and tiles.

There was also another little surprise, I asked my hubbie to get some more postcards printed for me as I am gonna try my luck again at the postals, but asked for different coloured card for a change.

He is good to me

So I settled down to do the postals up to date as Stuart was still in bed, and treated myself to a hot choc (options) and a dash of squirty cream

Was not looking forward to today, whenever we have anything that we don’t use, empty goods boxes the phrase, put it in the loft is commonly used. Well the back of the loft is being converted so it need sorting out, we have 2 gables to put stuff in but loads must go. There are boxes after boxes up there. There is still boxes never unpack from when we moved in up there and that was 7 years ago! Stuart had sorted some of the flooring out and I needed to help move it about. Well one thing was clear there was loads of crap up there, including every item of Beth’s clothing from birth to about 5/6 years. A lot of toys, most of her teddies, 3 car seat, the buggy I used, Moses basket. So after a mammoth sort out (we have not finished), filled Stuarts van up with empty boxes, toys to go round to the childminder, I was left with loads of boxes of clothes. So basically I have sorted them out into age groups, roughly 5 black sacks, all full. I have taken out the sentimental/favourite items.

Stuart goes off to work, so after Tescos come, Beth returns from school and I pop out to the post office I settle down to comp for the 1st time today to find MSE CLOSED – NOOOOOO!

So I prepare dinner, a nice healthy one for me and surprise surprise I am starving, havent eaten a thing all day, so working out the WW points this meal is 5 point in total, and filling as loads of veg.

So basically have had about 7 points all day, brill more to save for the weekend, enjoy a nice bottle of wine tomorrow 🙂