I have 2 drawer freezers, well today I managed to empty one of my freezers completely so it can be defrosted. Anyone who knows me knows that I always fully stock, so beyond my belief  havent ordered anything to put in the freezer for 2 weeks now, and having to eat the items in there, not too bad as lots for me and Stuart, but Beth can be more awkward, she likes certain things. So today we managed to squeeze it all in one freezer and the other one was switched off to defrost. FYI the reason it has to be defrosted cos someone (not me) did not shut the door properly and it frosted up. So hoping it can all go back in tomorrow, may even do the other one, while relatively empty (still loads of food, probably enough for another week).

So this morning Beth went off to school, she was having a friend round after, well I walked into her bedroom to change her bed and OMG, what a mess. I have been asking her all week to tidy it up, so I flipped. Reached for the black sacks and put all the crap in them and moved them into my bedroom. She cam in from school and said ooh isn’t my bedroom tidy. Well 7pm when her friend went she was given orders, put the stuff away tidy or else down the dump tomorrow! We will see….

Had 7 points in total with food today, so treating myself to wine tonight, lets hope i will still lose weight this week.

The builder is ploughing on with the extension, Stuart said we must finish the loft clear out this weekend!!!!