Well the freezer defrosted ok and the error light went off, obviously it had frosted up too much. So we transferred the contents and decided to defrost the other freezer.

It was round 2 in the loft again, but having spent over an hr sorting all Beth’s baby clothes into age groups, putting them in black sacks, we only found another 20 bloody boxes. Absolute nightmare. As well as more crap, Stuart went off to the dump, and then dumped a lot of pre recorded Videos at the Salvation Army. We still have 3 car seats, walker and high chair that needs cleaning before donating. Also found a box of bedding, omg havent used it in 7 years so obviously don’t need them, so Stuart has taken them for rag! PMSL there was a box with cords on it, I opened it and realised why they have been hidden, ridiculous looking trousers that belonged to Stuart. Wedding dress was moved, didn’t dare get it out, so the small area we have in the gable is full now. There are still Jiffy bags and Grip seal bags to find a home, plus loads of paperwork. Being an accountant I tend to keep things as you never know when you need it, but have recently only kept things for 6 years, so another black sack of paperwork to shred. So my part is done, but have not comped all day, so feel slightly frustrated cos of it.

Lots of other crap happened today, I want to wish a dear friend, who was very nice and kind to me when I joined the inn enormous hugs. I also had loads of crap thrown at me, so have gone through my twitter list, and anyone I didn’t recognise or chat with have blocked. I will add if I have blocked you and do chat, tell me who you are and I will unblock you, sorry but needs must when you are being harrassed, especially when very emotional.

Beth is cooking again, the dishwasher has been on overdrive 4 times it has been set going today, just wish she would tidy up properly but never really does. She did however make another giant cupcake, bottom and top, no good for me as on a diet!

Me I just made some bread for Stuart, I also wont be eating it either.

The dogs made me laugh tonight, this is them while the popcorn maker was going, think they was hoping for some stray popcorn, lol.

In case you are wondering my building work is continuing, think this is at the back of my mind, as I like things particular, ie things in the right room and when work is being done, it stresses me out. I will be without a room on the back of my bungalow soon, wondering if there is anywhere I can live while its being done, but has to have wireless internet, can’t be without my comping (keeps me sane).

No wins for a few days, hoping my luck and the luck of my friends change soon. I also have lost another lb, that’s only 2 this week – more stress!

A thought for all those that died this day 8 years ago, I always remember, I used to ring Beth at the childminder every lunchtime, and she asked why the plane flew into the building, this was a 4 yr old take on what she saw on the television. My thoughts are with the families of all those that died.