I didnt do a blog yesterday for several reasons, unexected visitors, heavity ironong pile, missing paperwork!

Beth cooked again Sunday, cookies and  strawberry flan (mainly cos we had frozen strawberries that had to be used)

Well it was a busy weekend, finishing sorting the loft out, you will all be glad its done. But there are things to deal with downstairs now, I desperately need to sort the paperwork, it is very overdue!

Popped to costco to buy the bulk items we use. I managed to do all the washing, only a few items didnt get dry. Cooked a roast dinner 1st one we have had for about 5 weeks. Missed the beginning of the Grand Prix annoyed that Hamilton was out.

Its been quite a busy, receptionist not in so not only trying to do my work, but answer phones as well, sat at work quite cold all day as well. Feeling quite stressed for some reason as well, things are getting to me.

Beth started on about her birthday, what she wants to do as a party, I cant really have loads of children in the house, I am not sure how far the building will be, also they take over the lounge, dining room etc and we get banned to our bedroom which Stuart doesnt want, so we need to find an activity with the possiblity of pizza after.

No wins today, and even though email the girl back about a prize she never got back to me and the deadline is tomorrow, so may need to ring her, because I dont want to lose the prize. It was nice that a friend has won a good prize today, they have had a lousy year with wins, so pleased for her.

I have only lost 2lb this week, feeling very disappointed with it, its 8lb over the 2 weeks and even though good, I was hoping for more, as been quite good, and not exceeding 15 points in a day, adding to my stress as well.