Well what a day, the phone at work did not stop ringing, as soon as I finished one phone call there was another. I am so glad Jean (my assistant/receptionist) will be back to normal hours next week, need time to think about comping!

So happier today, my friend Jane (post lady) caught me before going to work with a parcel, and yes I kept that quiet from you all. But it is what she said to me, she stopped Beth up the road to ask if I was still at home, and said that Beth was absolutely gorgeous, tall and could easily be a model with her build (skinny!!!), I should be very proud of her. I am most of the time, when she doesnt talk back to me (lol)

So going back this is what was delivered.

The pencil and rubber has already been removed by a certain big girl. But can think of another little girl that this will be used as a xmas pressie.

So i have been good today until tonight when Stuart bought a glass of wine in, but only eaten cucumber/sugarsnap peas for lunch, and weightwatcher Lasagne with roasted veg, still loads of points to be able to use. I did do something off the cuff today, I was thinking of buying a pair of fitflops since reading Splodz review, and today they were offering 50% off, and I order some. I am planning to use them indoors only, hoping they will help tone my legs. I ordered the Walk Star III Black Nappa

♫♫♫”Happy Happy Joy Joy! Happy Happy Joy! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Happy Happy Joy!”♫♫♫ wishing all my friends best of luck with their comping and hope the wins come flooding in.

Dont forget to look up the toothpaste giveaway I am doing.