Well it was Wednesday and boy what a day, hectic again, I love my work but the phones were ringing constantly and found it hard to get my own work done let alone any competitions. Lets hope I can have a lazy day at home.

I decided to be naughty today, I wanted some fit flops, was gonna look while in America but couldn’t find any. Well the credit card bill has come through with a thud, so got to cut back for a while. But I could not resist when I saw the tweet on twitter, 50% off fit flops. They came, I started wearing them, but hoping will get use to the toe bar as never wear them with it, even Stuart commented that in the 20 years he has know me I have never worn flip flops with the toe bar cos of rubbing and uncomfortable.

Now do I bling the nail varnish up and put some clear glitter nail varnish on top???

One thing my husband did bring to my attention was the amount of shoes, flip-flops, boots etc that are in my wardrobe, a lot that I don’t wear, will never wear and are collecting dust, so I have had to promise to sort them out, can wait till saturday, need Beth to crawl in and pull them all out, lol. So anyone size 6 probably got loads of shoes if anyone interested next week.

Another thing is my laptop, I won it last November and still has the protective cover on top, but it’s peeling off and something actually stuck to it the other day, so is it time to peel it off….

Dont forget to enter my toothpaste give away, ends tonight ..