Well today wasnt quite feeling myself, its along story but someone, a good friend, she knows who she is, gave me a good slap this morning and it worked, felt back to normal, thanks hun 🙂

So my 1st day off work, this normal consists of cleaning the kitchen, trying to get as much washing dry as possible and comping. Well the kitchen was done, washing on – have a slight issue with the washing at the moment, as the builder is still here, I am not pegging underwear on the washing line, hubbie thinks I am mad, but that’s me, so having to dry on the clothes horse inside, managed to get 2 loads of washing dry but the comping, didn’t seem to get very far 1 step forward 2 back kind of thing. This is also clouded with the lack of wins, WEM, WTCs, where are they. Everyone seemed to be winning on the max factor, seemed to been missed off that on, but as they are all coming out the woodwork, POSTMAN!

This is a lot better, my mum loves this so a pressie for her 🙂

Started talking about holiday next year, planning on going with my friend, partner and her 2 boys, we are thinking America so had a quick look at dates, so need to talk to my dad to book it in. Also solved a problem for her, she has a 3g mobile phone but her phone is playing up, so went round with all the old mobiles, my old samsung tocco seemed to work, so she is having that for the time being.

Not alot happened a quiet day, but didnt seem to get alot done, tomorrow (friday) I am due to go into school for the 1st time, in my role as governor, since quitting the pta, not sure what reception I will get..