Dont know why but my days off I don’t seem to achieve what I really want to, always something going on.

Friday I was going back into school since finishing with the pta, going back as my role as governor, was not sure what to expect, but was fine. The postman did not deliver anything nice either. But Stuart was on my case about the show situation in my wardrobe, so said I would attempt to sort them out.

Saturday as I was popping out to Costco, I asked Beth to get them all out and pair them up if possible, well there was 45 pairs in total!!!

So I went through them, I filled up 3 charity sacks, but most of all managed to squeeze the ones I wanted to save back into the wardrobe, was a bit of a squeeze too. I next need to look at the clothing part of the wardrobes! That can wait for another weekend, maybe next month!

So again a busy day in and out ferrying Beth around, but went to my friends birthday party in the evening, and I actually chose not to drink and be the designated driver. Mainly cos I didn’t want to ruin my weight loss, not that there is a lot. Hoping it would fall off like last time, but for some reason it’s not, think my metabolic rate has reduced, wondering if I take green tea it will help! But dieting affects people in different ways, as I found out from a fellow dieter who is having toilet problems!!!

So Sunday again was a run around day for Beth, I did however take my postcard to write them out while waiting at dancing and it worked, wonder how T mobile is gonna think when they see how much I am going to use the web on my new mobile phone. When we eventually got in after 2.30 we had to settle down with her laptop to do her maths homework ‘factorizing quadratic equations’, I had to look up how to do it, as soon as I saw it, it come flooding back, but wondered how I pulled the short straw for it!! So made sure Stuart did his fair share and cooked dinner, a nice beef roast! Not too much meat and just one potato for me, but loads of veg!
We have booked up QUASAR for her birthday party, for 15 girls, then onto Pizza Hut afterwards. Hoping that next year as we will have 2 extra rooms she can have a big sleep over and it wont disrupt my comfort too much…. as don’t want loads of girls in my nice comfy lounge.

So behind on comping, MSE kept going down, which is not helping, so looks like it could be a late night tonight, or probably tomorrow, as I know going to busy at work tomorrow.

I mentioned my mobile phone, I am totally loving it, and loads of people are asking me about it, my dad and friend in particular wanted to look at it, think they are going to go for it. I have just started sending picture messages, never could work out from my old phone, but downside is that it does drain the battery, especially when a little girls is constantly playing with the apps!!