I have posted since Sunday evening, reason well I think it comes down to the 4 Ws

Weather, Weight, Work, Wins

The weather is getting colder and especially when wet gets me down, as can dry the washing, have school uniform to wash and dry!! Weight well weigh in Monday I lost 2lb, I am disappointed with it, but friends tell me its on course and should be please. I did slip drastically last night, had a glass of wine and chocolate. Someone slap me lol. Work, the lady who answer the phones/door and helps me has Tuesday and Wednesdays off and the phones have been non stop, cant think properly, let alone comp. Wins nothing has passed my door for a week now, not even a pen! I know shouldnt get me down but it will cheer me up!!

I am treating myself to Jelly (fat free and point free) every night, but this week sprinkled some choc buttons and squirty cream on it to give it a kick, did help but desperately need to find some point free snacks I can have of an evening.

Well Thursday, my day off started with the builder turning up, making a noise, breaking into the loft area, so was glad I was off out early to have my nails done, it makes me feels good about myself a bit of pampering every 4 weeks.

Come home to a win 🙂 well its a win but not for me, won 2 tickets to the Wedding Show which I entered on behalf of Charis, who also won 2 tics, as well as another mse, so she has 6 tickets, think she was pleased. I remembered I hadnt looked at the Hotel I am staying in tomorrow night. For those that dont know I won 4 tickets to the show Legally Blonde with hotel stay. The Hotel is the Radisson Edwardian Hampshire and OMG is £170 per night per room, and we have 2 rooms!

Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel, Londonand the tickets for the show is £60 each, not bad seats, so all in all a brilliant win. Hope my daughter, niece and sister appreciate it.

Behind on my comping, struggled to finish the 24th, with all the noise and going ons, been doing PA tweets for Mel, she won something yesterday from a tweet and also something else today, so please that she has won. Then my phone rings, its someone from the Sun Newspaper, I am tweeting while chatting, why cant you get hold of Charis when you want her.

Well I have won:

a pair of tickets to London Fashion Weekend

entry to Chambord’s Platinum Club Lounge where you can enjoy a complimentary Chambord and Champagne

front row catwalk seats

a personal shopper session

VIP show bag (which I am hoping to blag some goodies from lol)

 Cocktails and Cupcakes for two at the Haymarket Hotel

Unfortunately Billy Bag purse and compact mirror I am having delievered to me, sorry Charis xx

I am so hoping it has made Charis day/month/year, she has had a tough time and dont seem to have many wins.

Must get myself organised for tomorrow night, as need to leave about 4pm to get up there in time to have something to eat before the show.