You may be wondering (or not) why I havent blogged for a few days, there is 2 reasons.

Reason 1 – the 71 pages for competitions ending 3oth September, then the 21 pages for the 1st October – OMG, my arm ached, had mouse claw and compers elbow but did it, things did get passed by like dailies, housework, but phew what a task.

Reason 2 – The illness that my boss decided to share with his staff. The Idiot came into work last week coughing and spluttering, so Tuesday, I started the day with a sore throat and ended the day feeling really rough. I dont know how I managed the day at work Wednesday, I was there but didnt really feel like doing much. I did also shout and tell my boss off, to the amazement of my work colleagues, but I felt really ill. So my day off Thursday and Friday was spent not doing alot , and actually Friday spent alot of it in bed, with a headache. My boss did leave me alone Wednesday or ask for any work, wonder why. Apparently I scare people, lol.

So what have I been up to since the weekend, not alot. My husband was on lates this week, which leaves me at home in the evenings, either running around after my daughter or quietly comping, both of which I was doing.

I did look back at my september wins, and wow they mounted up. I tend only to add them to my log when I have them in my hand, so to speak. As already mentioned I took my Theatre prize in September which I actually got the WEM in June, and received my plants which originally won in March, the total for September is £929.30, making my yearly total at £6584.82.  I cant believe how well I am doing, all the hours comping is worth it and share it with all my family and friends. I have actually hidden bits for Beth for christmas, otherwise she wont have anything to open.
I did have a couple of WEMs, one of which did seem to worry a few people, Chinese vegetable knife from IO Shen, worth £58.95! it looks a big knife and thats probably why but £58.95 for a knife who would pay that! Also a couple of bits from the 30 days giveaways, DVD and a baking set, which would do Beth brilliantly for xmas as she does like cooking.

I have started to help a couple of friends with their tweets, as I have realised that I spend alot of time on there, lets hope can win them some goodies. Magic competition started this week and today we had our 1st winner within our group, Cecelias husband, text her and she claimed £30.00, lets hope we have some more within our group. I have managed to keep an eye on it, easier as one per hour.

A couple of deliveries this week, one thing that does annoy me is when you get a parcel and no idea where it came from, how can you thank the person that posted the competition.

unfortunately there is 4 competitions that this book could have come from so unable to thank the poster, gonna make a great pressie for my dad.

Diet, I was disappointed not to have lost any weight this week at my weigh in, but have lost weight since then, which is good. I was surprised by a comment a friend made, that I have been a great help to her and an expert. I am just glad that I can help with advice. Its gonna be hard tonight, we have run out of diet Pepsi, so looks like tea, hot chocolate and wine tonight to drink.