My baby is 13 today

’13 years ago at 9pm I gave birth to a very loud, hyperactive baby girl. No one would know that she would grow up to be an extremely tall, beautiful, talented and intelligent young lady. There are no words to describe how much I love her and how immensely proud I am of all her achievements, big or small. Happy 13th birthday Beth, love you lots.’

Well is has been a while since my last blog. Suprise surprise after spending my days off ill, I was fine Monday, always the way. But what a week at work. I have my own office and yes it has its advantages but a disadvantage is that no one to talk to. So I reply on chatting to people on twitter. Well came  into the office MOnday to find no internet. We are in an area which only until recently was not serviced by BT broadband, and even now they only offer a low rate, so we use Airzone that is distributed by aerial, dont ask me how, all I know is that it wasnt working. How helpless did I feel, my phone was a nightmare for tweeting, takes so long. I did however get on and did some work, but no comping meant I spent the evening comping. Tuesday again no internet, but I did take my dongle, so managed to do some tweeting. Wednesday no internet, it was repaired Tuesday but the guy hadnt done it properly and my dongle didnt work, so felt so behind.

Not alot had happened, but today something major has happened, I dont think my kitchen should look like this

They have taken the roof and ceiling out, in preparation for the new rafters going up Monday, they are putting up a temporary ceiling, but just so glad it was not raining or too cold! But things are moving on, so frightning I hate mess and look at the kitchen its gonna take some cleaning up later.



Had some deliveries this week, most were expected as already had the wems

A twitter win














A facebook win








A postal win




Beths signed photo from David Beckham

My £58 vegetable knive, why are people so scared lol








Something for the boys next door for xmas, try and give them a few things as their mum cant afford alot since the divorce.





I did have a couple of wems this week, the main one was a madrid foot shirt that my ‘hubbie’ won, lol. They asked for a quote and a piccy, sent them a quote. Found out during chatting on twitter that a friend still hadnt had a win from March, a mother day tree, I also won and managed to get a voucher which we have just used, so passed the details over so she can also claim what she rightly won. It makes you wonder, whether we all get our wins, often when they turn up there is not always published. We did have another winner this week on magic, I managed to get the numbers up, realised they match a set on the list, but couldnt get the facebook group up on my phone, so sat looking at the letters and suddenly realised who it was, luckily managed to get hold of her and she claimed in time.

Beth was nearly in tears this morning, when she got the H&M giftcard for her birthday, she realised how lucky she is, and her friends apparently are so jealous of her, that she gets loads of goodies throughout the year, she didnt tell them the H&M was a win, but she realised from my ranting and effort in trying to win for others how lucky she is. I felt it would be wasted on me at the moment, as loads of clothes in my wardrobe that are too small, and trying to get back into them. This weeks weight loss was 1lb, yes just the one, slightly disappointed after none last week, still trying and determined.