Well I cant believe the last post was on the 7th October, I can because that is the whirlwind of my life. That was Beths birthday and as you can imagine the whole weekend was take up by seeing relative, parties. One the Friday we took 14 12/13 yrs old to Quasar, laser shotting thing, then onto Pizza hut, well what an experience that was, and they are so loud and giggly!!

I have managed I have been able to keep up with my comping, just. Taken on to help a couple of friends with comping, and managing to win for them, hope they are happy with the rewards.

Work has been pretty manic, have had a few bits to catch up on.

There has been a major change in my life, it has caused me to revert back into a little depression, but the worse is yet to come! They not only took the ceiling out of my kitchen but the roof, in order to continue with the roof line and extension. It has left drafty and this time of more than ever, also had alot of problems with leaks, especially through the light in Beths bedroom. The builder is not particulary quick, and i think at long last the roof structure is finished, shame the tiles have not appeared?? He better get a move on cos he does not want to have to deal with me, and believe me I will not be calm and smiles! I am living in an upside mess, half of  my stuff from the kitchen is on the dining room table and only have my lounge to retreat to which is normal, but I shudder everytime I can hear them above the ceiling, there will be blood shed if they crake/damage that ceiling, and it wont be mine!

The other bain in my life is the diet, finding it extremely difficult but slowly its coming off, and i mean slowly. Week 6 I lonly lost 1lb, and week 7 lost 2lb, this is making 1 stone in 7 weeks, but am told that this is the best way as it will stay off. I have had 1 week with no change but lucky no gain. Stuart says he has noticed, me personally not really but then I am very critical of myself.

So what left my comping, I am so totally enjoying the comping, hard but loving it. I managed to get a Sony Ericsson X10 mobile phone through a trial, and what a fight for it in my house. Beth has not had her blackberry for a year yet, and poor Stuarts N95 is around 3 yrs old, and could do with a new phone, as he seems to have a bad signal at times and the battery life is extremely poor. Well what a fiasco it was not so easy as just putting his sim card in, everytime we did we could not read his contacts, eventually after 24 hrs of trying, we figured after factory reset, you import the contacts off the sim, but have to save them all individually, so eventually managed it, but Stuart and technology is not always compatible, and bless him have to show him how to use it, even answering the phone, time will tell how he gets on.

So wins…. mmmmm looking at the wins from my last post, there is not that many from MSE, mainly twitter or facebook wins, and I realised that there is no mse wins outstanding so hoping the comping fairy reads this and takes pity on me, otherwise we are all having a road trip to Kims house to rub her for luck, she is doing really well at the moment, not really jealous (ggrrr) lol.

I did win a customised Peppa Pig book voucher code, which I have given to my dear friend Charis, making sure she saves it for Lydia for xmas.

so what have I had delivered: –

Saving for Beth for xmas


From 30 Days thanks to ali

Another 30 Days thanks to ali

A twitter win thanks to @missdaisy32 aka Jane, saving this for Beth for xmas as well

Samples from Running World, given to Beth

Signed Real Madrid Football Shirt, from the numbers game, not 100% sure what I am gonna do with it, any ideas??

Another ideal pressie for Beth the book worm

Not sure where these came from but gave to my nan when I visited her.

Yet another book for my baby

A twitter win, given to my beloved hubbie 🙂

The only one I got thanks to  @paulinepppp reminding me one morning, have to say Stuart has already eaten it lol

Not 100% sure but another 30 day win

Sure this is a r/u prize, a mum I know from the school is a tennis nut (actually plays) so was gonna give it to her

Another twitter win, think this is showing I spend way too much time on there lol

This is from facebook thanks to my buddy ali x

Lastly a Rugby shirt, yes another twitter win, my friend is 40 next month and a big Rugby fan so will contribute towards his pressies

I have to say a big thanks to my friends on Twitter for keeping me company and sane – Munchkim, ali, nicky and Splodz

Have a bit of Beths Birthday Cake, made by my sister Mandy