So Saturday 6th November, not an unusal day, but an exciting day. Arranging to meet my buddy Charis in London, for cake, sushi and whatever else happens.

Excited and not scared this time, lol

So 9.18 train from grays

So we are meeting at Holland Park, why you ask because they have a Maison Blanc, as I walk down from the tube station, I spy another bakery, I am doomed lol

So we settle down and have elevensies, i have

I take a pic of Charis’s choice but she has already tucked into hers

So we wander back to Charis’s car, she drove into London from Aldershot and proceeds to drive towards Oxford Street, the location for lunch, but a slight problem, she drives down the whole of Oxford Street to Tottenham Court Road, which is further than we want to go to, so turns left and heads back down, we are trying to get to Regent Street. Lol can you believe we were chatting so much we ended back at Marble Arch, so end up driving back down Oxford Street to the road where we should have turn right 1st time, just shows what happens when you are chatting, you forget to turn.

Charis needed to park in a disable spot near Carnaby Street, so Friday evening I sent her a link ( ) it finds you parking spaces in different parts of London, and points out disable spaces. So we head towards some of the spaces that Charis bookmark, and full, but look at what we find at the back up space.

It is clearly a disabled parking spot filled with empty refuse bins, and by the way the bins belonged to New Look, River Island and Starbucks. A roadsweeper walked passed when I spoke to him, he must have been foreign as just nodded and carried on walking. I buzzed on River Island deliveries, they were gonna send someone down but didnt, so what did I have to do, yes move the bins, apparently Charis said my face said it all …….. lol

I will be putting these photos on Twitter as well, think these shops should be targeted, if Charis had been by herself she would have never been able to manage herself.

So all parked up, 1st thing 1st I need to find somewhere to wash my hands, we pop into Libertys, and I walk into the loos thinking I just wash my hands, and not so simple the hand wash facilities are in with the loos, so have to line up.

So all cleaned up, we decide to wander around Libertys, we start at level 4 christmas decorations, there were a couple of freaky animal type decorations, Charis buys 2 red pear tree decorations, and find out about her ocd. She only has red, green or gold decorations, and do you want to know the most hilarious one. She also has that for wrapping paper and if someone sends a pressie in the wrong colour, she will wrap it in the right paper before putting it under the tree, sorry Charis had to share lol.

So after wandering around Libertys she takes me to the lunchtime setting

So we decide to sit at the bar, I love sushi and never had the this experience before, so we prop ourselves on the chairs, order drinks and off we go…. Charis picks her choices out quickly me, not so quick think the food went round three times, but it was yummy.

We had a great time, when we look at the time, we had been in there ages, so do you want to see pics us??

Can you guess who is who???

We had alovely day, and discussed a Southern xmas meal at Southampton, I will travel down and offered to put @splodz up, people we have mentioned are @divadee007, @mad_gemma, @munchkim, @katylittlelady, @compergrapevine. Anyone else, contact @charismc on twitter, the more the merrier, as you can see we are not aliens lol. Missed @nicky63 off the list cos didnt think she would travel over the water but adding her to stop her humping lol .