You may or may not be aware but amongst my many ailments I suffer from Eczema. Not too bad, so often treated with over the counter remedies, I havent been to the doctors for years for it. So you can image my despair when 5 years ago I started to get it under my eyes, one of the most fragile sensitive places to get it. It made it very dry and very noticeable.

A lot of creams you cannot use around the eyes. So I gradually went through loads of moisturiser, cheap ones and expensive ones, from clinique eye moisturiser to simple. But everything seemed to irritate it. So I eventually gave up and went to the doctors. I came away with a prescription, collected it at a cost of £7.20 it was the smallest tube, it cleared it up but was told I could not use regularly. The doctor said I needed to find out what cause it to flare up, one word caused it STRESS, but as a busy working mum it’s very hard not to be stressed.

 I managed to find a cream, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, it was still expensive £12.00 for 50ml, but cheaper than a prescription. Then tried something different, a traditional moisturiser.

As a child I always remember the blue pot on my nans dressing table. Well it works, it’s the only cream I use on my face now, and solved the problem. If I ever feel that the eye area is getting dry, I often slap the cream around it (at home only of course). Have not had to go back to the doctors for any more prescriptions, but have loads of opened moisturisers that Beth is having to work through. It is part of my daily routine for over 1 year now. So sometimes the best option is staring you in the face and doesn’t have to be expensive, 200ml is £2.80 at Tescos and lasts me ages, I never go anywhere without it.