Ceceila aka @cistolic has asked me to post a competition on my blog for her.

It is for this

A size 14 Luluandlush corset, Champagne Lurex diamond corset with low back, code XXlurexdiamondcorset, RRP is £165.00, but on sale for £95.00. Even though a size 14 may fit a 12.

So in order to be fair it will be a random generator and will be running till Friday 19th November 8pm.

In order to enter you need to tweet @cistolic thanking her for running the competition, then post a comment below, you must include either your twitter id.

This comp is for friends and followers, and cannot be posted on any competition websites.

If you have no use for the item, please dont be greedy and entering for the sake of it, as Cecelia has donated it.