So it was the weekend of the Science Museum Sleepover for Beth and 3 friends. Stuart is sleeping over with them, but as they needed to be there for 7pm and need to travel to other side of London in the rush hour, I went with them all to make sure they got there ok. Got them there with time to spare. Stuart said he was sure that he didn’t need me to come back to help them all get home. Great meant that I could get on, do a bit of shopping I needed to get, clean the lounge and bit of comping.

Well get a phone call, the district line for the underground finished at Embankment, and they had to get a bus, a slight kink in the plan but they were still on their way to Tower Hill. Next thing I know is a phone call from Beth, in a panic. They were getting on the train at Fenchurch Street. Stuart got on and the doors closed behind him, Beth and her friends were pressing the button but the door wouldn’t open, suddenly the train started moving.

OMFG! Beth rang me straight away, I told her to grab her friends, sit altogether on a seat, keep hold of their bags, don’t move and don’t talk to anyone unless it was someone from the railway station, and then ask to see ID.

Frantically rang Stuart, yelling at him. We had 3 of her friends, OMG what were the parents gonna say. Told him to get off at the 1st station and get straight back. I rang Beth back to make sure they were ok, they were sitting down. Tried to find a direct number for Fenchurch Street Station on-line, while ringing Stuart back. He had now got off, he had to wait 7 mins for next train but had grabbed someone and rang through to Fenchurch Street, where they said they could see the girls on the camera and all was fine, would keep an eye on them.

I then rang Beth back to make sure they were ok and tell them that Stuart was gonna be a few minutes before getting back to them. Well Stuart said as he walked along the platform back to them, they were scoffing the sausage rolls he had bought them,laughing and giggling.  So he rang me when they were the station before, I was already in town getting Birthday cards and bits for the week, so walked up to the station to meet them. 2 of the other parents were gonna be there too, was dreading it, what must they think. Well the 1st dad came up and was fine about it all, so was the other parent. The girls came out full of beans raving about the adventure, they don’t know just how much stress it caused me. They all enjoyed the evening as well.

Anyway they came home with a pressie for me, my favourite food 🙂

So a few goodies come through the post today

Signed book by David Walliams, and yes a twitter win

A little something sweet from twitter

A freebie to try out

A great selection of Mark Twain books, can you guess where from???

The goody bag from the Science Museum Sleepover contain 5 copies of the game and some small models, 1 for each child and the parent, they are very lucky as it’s not even released yet. They did do some games while there as well and one of the girls won a prize but not sure what it was as didn’t get to see it, but she was pleased with it.

As I am blogging this is my little Angel, tired from the sleepover and adventures, notice the mobile phone in hand…lol

My present, one of my favourite foods, Sushi. Thats my dinner tonight. Shame I still have to cook for the other 2.