So what a week we all have had, waking up Tuesday morning to snow, and lots of it! I did the school run before going off to work, but couldnt get my car off the drive, so had to wake hubbie up to get the car off the drive, Beth was sent home from school lunchtime and didnt return all week. It took me 3 hrs to get to work, omg what a nightmare, boss was glad I got in and as I walked through the door just before 11am, informed him I would be leaving early. I had to pick Beth up from a friend, cos against what her dad had told her as he left for work ‘Stay Indoors’ she rang me asking to go to a friend a short walk away, me not knowing what her dad had told her, let her, but had to collect on way home. The road was awful that she lives, so had to ring her to walk up to meet me at the end, grabbed a take away for Beth to eat and ventured home. I had probs getting on the drive, was worried as car was sliding, didnt want to hit a wall, managed it and sat for the evening watching the snow continuing to fall. Wednesday morning my husband had to dig my car out, literally, moaning that I shouldnt go to work. I had done the wages but suppliers needed paying and still had some work to do. It was strange because when i got to a main road, it only took an hr to get to work, usually 30 mins. Did make it clear I was leaving early again, my boss didnt argue with me, just asked I didnt broadcast the fact i was going. Oh dear the others wouldnt be happy but suppose he is thinking about a woman driving home in awful conditions. Well i got home and didnt leave the house till Sunday

So as Beth was home from school and it had hit December, it was time for the tree and decorations. I hate doing the tree, especially the lights. We have a 7ft artificial tree and for years could not get just one set of lights to fit the tree, then i came across some on ebay, they were not exceptionally cheap but got them, makes the job better, but still dont like doing it. Beth insisted on doing the tree, RESULT!

Last weekend I had a bad weekend, the building work getting to me. The builder has generally finished but because of a few things not finished, it makes my life a bit difficult. There is no proper floor in the new part of the kitchen, so walk on floorboards, I stepped in the door with washing basket, with clean dry washing, some food, and dogs around my feet, to have the floor board come up and me nearly falling down a hole. Also I have to walk across broken tiles that the builder has just left on what will be the new patio area. Another accident waiting to happen, well I blew, but strangely enough the builder turned up Monday to do some finishing off, stuart cleared all the broken tiles to make a decent pathway for me to get to the garage, and as the plumber came, he laid the floor in the new area of the kitchen. The only thing is next he  will knock the wall down between the new and old part of the kitchen, how am I gonna stay sain, HELP!

Beth also has a dance exam last weekend, modern grade 4. Well she was one of the 1st in, a group of 4, when the owner of the school came out to ‘moan’ about the attitude,lack of practice, etc. Mummies stand over them to do their homework but dont for their dancing, how the girls are rude to their dance teacher etc etc. Well i sat there opposite another mum, and we could both tell we were holding our tongues!!! Beth is a polite child, she knows better than to disrespect any adult, that is something I have installed in her, she can scream and shout at me, give me looks,grunt at me, but she would not dare do it to anyone else, even grandparents (who think the sun shines out of somewhere), so I had to say something. I just said if she is not pulling her weight, then tell her infront of everyone – we are not allowed to do that, me – I give you permission. When I went up for parents evening at the school, I told all the teachers, if they feel they are not getting the best out of Beth, give her a virtual kick up the backside. Yes I am a pushy mum, I admit to it, but I know her mind wanders, she loses concentration, found that out the other week trying to help with quadratic equations.

So weight wise, no movement, no gain or loss. Quite remarkable as went to my friends 40th bday last Saturday and drank and ate all the wrong naughty things I shouldnt, dont think this weather is helping as comfort food seems to be the best thing, drinking a few hot chocs throughout the day along with cup a soup. I must try harder.

Its a bit slow on the competitions front, but still a few things tricking through. I won 2 tics to 80s rewind for Wednesday at Wembley but already thought cos of the bad weather, gave to a friend and her boyfriend, they totally had a great time, and the seat were brilliant. Also along with every one and their dog won 2 tickets to A taste of Christmas, which I gave to another friend who was childless this weekend and knew she needed to do something, she enjoyed herself and came home with some goodies, moaned that it wreaked her diet lol.

So lets start off with the christmas tree, Beth decided not to put tinsel on it, I wasnt sure as always uses tinsel, but assured its fine

So this looks like a normal kitchen??

But they have taken the wall down between my nice warm kitchen, and the new part and I am left with this

As you can imgine, my stress level are way high, hence why I am now feeling a little low, actually not a little low, very depressed and cold. So if I sound humpy and moany and upset and cryful, I do apologise in advance, its getting to me. The plasterer is due Thursday which should help making less drafty.

So goodies time

This was doggy biscuits from twitter, absolutely brilliant, poor honey that has allergies, these are perfect for her and even comes with a little doggy biscuit cutter lol.

Another twitter win, shoes that fold up, brilliant, had them in Beths size, will be ideal for when she goes out in heels and comes home in socks

Lolly makers and apple juice

This is gonna make another great pressie for Mil and Fil

Going into my makeup box

Another item that goes into my make up box, I may not get to use it with a teenage girl around

This must be a runner up prize??

Now this is going to my dad for his xmas pressie

this was a freebie post you can never have enough