I never thought the day would come up so soon, but today I realised something.

It is exactly 2 months till my 40th Birthday.

Have I done everything I wanted to achieve by 40, well..

I dont own my house, but own well over half of it

I have a good job, not brilliantly paid, but alot of the time quite a breeze except for the odd day.

I have a beautiful intelligent daughter, a typical teenager constantly argues with what you say, hides in her bedroom, and grunts at me

I have 2 lovely dogs, that idolise me, still miss Candy but she is still with me.

I have a lovely husband who does his best to keep me happy

I have travelled far and wide, stayed in some lovely places, and some dodgy ones along the way.

I have found a true friend in recent years

I have found loads of friends through my hobby or addiction.

I am in reasonable health but need to lose a few stone, trying my hardest but seem to be failing lately.

I just hope that I am a good wife and mother