So this time of year everyone and their dog are comping, to win xmas pressie, so when the regular compers stop winning because of it what do we do have a moan, whinge, complain but does it work. I would say the answer is yes! A few of us have had this moan moan moan and a whinge whinge whinge and have been inidated with wins, some biggies and some small satisfying, but it proves that they turn up unexpected. So dont lose faith to my comping buddies, the next win is just around the corner, but you do have to be in it to win it, so dont moan if you are not entering any competition, cos you have no hope.

Well the plasterer has been and it has dried. Stuart is painting, but a slow process. He is a perfectionist and not happy with some of the finish on the ceiling, so needs to sand it and make it to his standard. I have chosen the flooring a destressed oak laminate, which stuart has purchased and ready to fit. Will it be ready for xmas, who knows. I hope so….

I hate this time of year, I live realitively close to Lakeside Shopping Centre and OMG dont we know it, it is taking about an hour to get home from work every day, the M25 is chocker blocked so people use the alternative routes, one being my route home from work, I darent go there are the moment, it is so full of people, you cant move. Also it is so cold, dreary roll on the spring with lighter evenings.

So I did have a ‘biggie win’ not been delivered yet but still in total shock with it, I do still look at the email in shock – £500 itunes voucher, they have confirmed they have my details and should be delivered soon. Me being me I will share with my loved ones, I dont actually use Itunes but know 2 little 13yr old girls that do – lol.

Other wins during the week include a Chicago Town pizza voucher,

These came from and can totally recommend them, won 5 hats surprised when they rang, but allowed Stuart and Beth choose, Stuart for working in the cold weather, Beth for her skiing trip next February. It was 3/2 in favour of Stuart but somehow Beth has ended up with 3, think someone has daddy round her little finger, lol.

 Postcards from Puffin, a postal win

Another postal win

Mascara from the comp that @_melvis_ ran.

My nivea cracker from the fb comp – going in the direction of my dad

This was a twitter win thanks to the lovely Ali, xxx

Erm no comment, I have no idea??

My twitter win from EMI

Another book for my little madam

Tshirt from my twitter win with Donna Ida, heading towards Beths way

This is not a win, but treated myself with some Yankie candles goodies, Hollyberry votives, one of my favourite smells at xmas.

Also I ordered some jewellery from @redroses4 – I can totally recommend the pandora braclets, Beth chose them for friends for xmas presents, really lovely and great value items, can totally recommend for little presents for people.

Congratulations to all the winners during the week and spreading #fairydust #positivethinking and #rubamunchkimforluck or even #rubanickyforluck